Baga Beach, Goa, India (video preview)

Baga Beach is next to Calangute Beach when walking towards North. During the tourist season Baga is the most happening beach with parties and the restaurants in Baga village like Mambo’s and Tito’s are also full of entertainment.

Here in this video you can see and hear an ordinary afternoon in Baga Beach. After watching this video you might get to see more videos from Baga Beach from other YouTubers and start your surf.

You might also be interested in seeing other videos from Goa Beaches and sights – Find them from Indivue vlog from Goa – Those videos are authentic scenes with authentic sounds from Goa, India. No acting, no playbacks.

The Great Travel Opus to Goa in Finnish will tell you a lot more about Goa. Find it in the link!

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Baga Beach seuraa Pohjois-Goan päärantaa Calangute Beachia, kun kävelet rantaviivaa Suomesta katsoen vasemmalle. Vaikka Baga tunnetaan Goan bilemekkana, tavanomainen iltapäivä turistikauden aikaan on näinkin rauhallinen, kuten videolta voi nähdä.

Lue lisää Baga Beachista suomeksi täällä!

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