Travel Opus to Goa – Matkaopus Goaan

Indivue has been making this unique, first of its kind, Travel Opus to Goa, telling you about travelling in Goa, India, in web since 2005, both in Finnish and in English, and in websites like and as well as through various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In addition to texts, reviews and presentations, you can find genuine photographs and videos and artworks related to Goa, India, travelling, arts and culture from this Indivue’s interactive Travel Opus to Goa – Matkaopus Goaan, which in 2017 is 12 years old, and regularly updated.

Read the Goa Travel Opus – Matkaopus Goaan in Finnish here!

Enjoy your experience, virtual adventure, and follow the work through Indivue’s social media channels, and recommend to your friends along!

And if you want to see even more, then read the instructions here!



Travel Opus to Goa - Matkaopus Goaan


Indivue on kirjoittanut ja kuvannut Matkaopusta Goaan vuodesta 2005 alkaen, niin suomeksi kuin englanniksi, ja löydät otteita siitä yllämainituilta webbisaiteilta sekä somesaiteilta.

Indivuen Matkaopus Goaan on kuin ilmainen Matkaopaskirja sinulle, joka suunnittelet matkaa Intian Goaan, ja voit lukea sen oheisessa linkissä!


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