5 random scenes from Amsterdam

By the river in Amsterdam

Here’s some 5 random scenes from Amsterdam. These photos have been taken with an unusual method, which will explain any distortion met.

The first image is about the famous I amsterdam -letters. Many tourists go and have a photo with them. Those letters are located by a big park rather near the Vincent Van Gogh -museum, which is where the second photograph is from.

The third image is some random street from Amsterdam. What interested me in this view was the zebra crossing painted on the road. It is very different from those we have in Finland.

The fourth image is about Amsterdam train station, which is a big and beautiful reddish colour building. Right across the road you will find a tourist information bureau.

The fifth scene is from some channel by which exceptionally beautiful and prestige houses had been built. Since it was early autumn, some yellow can be seen in the trees nearby.

I Amsterdam and tourists
I Amsterdam and tourists
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
By the river in Amsterdam
By the water in Amsterdam

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