Trip to Europe

Cover of Trip to Europe work in 2020

INDIVUE – Trip to Europe is one of my travel related works.

You can find my blog posts and videos related to travel and art, with traveltips to Europe from the links below.

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European cities and stories

Here below are all the European cities INDIVUE has visited, photographed and written about so far – find the Finnish version also in the links below:


Channel cruise in Amsterdam


Hotel Hotel experience from Amsterdam
Video Amsterdam in 1 minute
  Amsterdam in English
  Amsterdam in Finnish



Video Sunny October in Barcelona
Video Landing in Barcelona
Video Leaving Barcelona
  Barcelona in English
  Barcelona in Finnish


Berlin and Potsdamer Platz


  Berlin triptips and travel experiences
Hotel Hotel experiences from Berlin
Photographs People and street life of Berlin
Video Best of Berlin sights
  Berlin in English
  Berlin in Finnish


Statue of Mermaid in Copenhagen


Sight Tivoli in Copenhagen
Video Best of Copenhagen
  Copenhagen in English
  Copenhagen in Finnish
Street art in Gdansk


Video 10 best places to see in Gdansk
  Gdansk in Finnish
Helsinki centre with the church, view from the sea


  Helsinki metrostations
Sight Amos Rex art museum
Sight Oodi -library
  Summertime in Helsinki centre
Video Beaches of Vuosaari
Video Seurasaari and citynature in Helsinki
Video Suomenlinna island
Video Winter and walk on the sea
  Helsinki in English
  Helsinki in Finnish


Oslo and Vigeland park


Video Travelling to and from Oslo
Video Best sights in Oslo
  Oslo in English
  Oslo in Finnish
Paris and the view from the Eiffel Tower


  The best sights, hotels and restaurants in Paris
Video Best sights of Paris
Video Paris in 1 minute
Video Tribute to Notre Dame
Video Trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  Paris in English
  Paris in Finnish
View of Prague from the hill


Restaurant Good Indian restaurants in Prague
Video Videos from Prague
  Prague in Finnish
Streetview in Rome, Italy


Photo Rome live exhibition
Video Best of Roman sights
  Rome in English
  Rome in Finnish


Stockholm and the king's castle


Restaurant Good Indian restaurants in Stockholm
Video Helsinki – Stockholm – Helsinki -cruise
(The video has got subtitles in English, Finnish and Swedish)
  Stockholm in English
  Stockholm in Finnish


  Vatican in English
  Vatican in Finnish


European capitals and countries

Here below is a list of all the European countries and their capitals. Names written with the capital letters are straight links for more information on the subject in INDIVUE.

AMSTERDAM Netherlands
Andorra la Vella Andorra
Ankara Turkey
Athens  Greece
Belgrade Serbia
BERLIN Germany
Bern Switzerland
Bratislava  Slovakia
Brussels Belgium
Bucharest  Romania
Budapest  Hungary
Chisinau Moldova
Dublin Ireland
Kiev Ukraine
Lisbon Portugal
Ljubljana Slovenia
London United Kingdom
Luxembourg City  
Madrid Spain
Minsk Belarus
Moscow Russia
Nicosia Cyprus
Nuuk Greenland
OSLO Norway
PARIS France
Podgorica  Montenegro
Prague Czech Republic
Pristina Kosovo
Reykjavík Iceland
Riga Latvia
ROME Italy
San Marino  
Sarajevo  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Skopje Macedonia
Sofia Bulgaria
Tallinn Estonia
Tirana Albania
Vaduz  Liechtenstein
Valletta Malta
Vienna Austria
Vilnius  Lithuania
Warsaw Poland
Zagreb Croatia


Members of the European Union

The countries below are the members of the European Union. The euro sign, if attached, means the country uses the one and the same euro currency in that country. That is also one of the reasons that make traveling in these countries a lot easier. The list has been updated in 1/2020.

Austria € Bulgaria
Belgium € Croatia
Cyprus € Czech Republic
Estonia € Denmark
Finland Poland
France Romania
Germany Sweden
Greece €  
Hungary €  
Ireland €  
Latvia €  
Lithuania €  
Luxembourg €  
Malta €  
Portugal €  
Slovakia €  
Slovenia €  


Other European cities and sights

Kuusamo Video of ruska in North of Finland
Videocollection Authentic Europe
Videocollection Travel & Art Europe
Videocollection Best of Travel 


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