First time in Jaipur

This new video trailer tells about my first trip to Jaipur in India where I visited one decade ago. Jaipur is located in the state of Rajasthan and it takes few hours to drive from Delhi to Jaipur. The attached video gives a quick glimpse into this Indian travel destination known also as the Pink City.

Traveling to Jaipur from Delhi

The journey from Delhi to Jaipur began early in the morning when the sun had just started making its way to the sky and the streets of Delhi were deserted. We had rented a driver with a car for the entire trip, which is a normal way to travel in India. According to my experience, taxi drivers can mostly handle well the India’s complex traffic and they even spend the night in their own car while on a trip. Read what I wrote about the complexity of Indian traffic in 2006 and watch the following trailer video about the Jaipur trip I mentioned –

Trip to Jaipur

The drive to Jaipur was mostly low flat terrain with green trees on the horizon. It was not until Jaipur approached that the higher hills and mountains became visible. As we drove on the mountain slopes in Jaipur, one was able to see the high drop and distance to the ground in-between the concrete barrier stones. It can cause dizziness on the most sensitive persons. See the stones on this video trailer.

The thali plate shown in this video stayed in my mind as the spiciest meal served in India, since they really didn’t save their spices in Rajasthan.

Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state Rajasthan and the traffic in the city was busy both during the day and in the evening. However, it was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city to my hotel, which had a lush peaceful courtyard with its plants and flowers. You’ll see a glimpse of it in this video too, but I’ll tell more about the hotel later for my subscribers and readers.

The trailer video gives you also a quick look of Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jaigarh Fort and Jal Mahal, which all are Jaipur’s most famous attractions. These attractions can be seen during one full day and are enough to give a comprehensive picture of the history of Jaipur, the Pink city.

Local people in Jaipur, India, in 2010
Local people in Jaipur, India, in 2010

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If you want to hear Indian live music from around the Jal Mahal Palace in Jaipur, click on the link above.

The street musician, whom you get to see in this trailer video, became also part of the Demo Exhibition, which has been in the air for the past six years. You can check that also from the link.

This video and the post were the latest update to my digital work Trip to India, which you can read, watch and listen in the link attached!

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Flight from Delhi to Helsinki

As I wrote a few days back in the Finnish blog, Finnair will increase flights between Finland and India starting in July 2020, and that the flights will become daily. The reason for this is the lower demand for flights to China and increased demand for traffic to India. To celebrate this news, I made the following video of my Finnair flight from India to Finland. Take a look at what a flight from Delhi to Helsinki looks like and enjoy the sceneries –

In the video you will first get to see the Finnair plane at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi. The airplane had cameras on the front and bottom of the plane, allowing the passenger to easily see what was holding the aircraft when we were not moving. That is, if you weren’t more interested in watching the movies from your tv. At an Indian airport, it is quite normal for an airplane to have to queue up for quite a long time for its own turn to take off to the sky .

At the time of the filming of this video, it was an ordinary sunny January winter day in India. As the airplane climbs to the heights, the viewer can see how the landscapes and Delhi’s cloud of pollution fall behind. If you have been wondering from where that pollution is coming to Delhi in the winter time, it is largely related to the farmers burning the fields in the autumn, near-by Delhi.

As can be seen in this video, the plane flew over 11 kilometers high and the speed was 877km per hour. The flight from Delhi to Helsinki took altogether seven hours with the queues.

The most wonderful thing about this video is that when it arrives in Finland, the islands and other landscapes are beautifully covered with snow. It’s been totally different this winter 2019-2020, when Helsinki and the capital area of Finland have been completely snow-free. Luckily I took time to film this video last winter, just in case if the Gulf of Finland would never freeze and have snow again. Not that I really believe it would happen, but the climate talk makes you wonder.

The video you saw of the return flight from Delhi to Helsinki is a trailer video, and if you want to see a full-length video on the same subject, subscribe to my YouTube channel! I just noticed that my YouTube channel has only 30 subscribers but over 23000 views because the videos are embedded in various blogs and social media channels. This really eats any author’s resources, as advertising revenue is only generated when a YouTube channel has thousand subscribers. So if you want to see the full length Delhi-to-Helsinki -video and many other unique travel-related videos from India and around the world, do subscribe INDIVUE’s YouTube channel!

Cost of the video trailer

You probably started wondering how much resources it is one needs to make this 1.5 minute video trailer, for example, and I can open it up a bit for you. The price is the same regardless of whether the creator is, for example Finnish or Indian, when working hours and commission are not calculated.

First of all, the cheapest flights between Helsinki and Delhi are currently, at the beginning of this decade, about 560e, when they are booked well in advance. If you have to take a flight as a sudden departure, the price will easily double or even triple. This is for the economy class prices. In the business class, the price is counted in thousands of euros, and unfortunately ordinary artists cannot afford to travel in the business class. Although I’m sure a business-class would not always lead to better videos for any air-line.

A flight from Helsinki to Delhi arrives early in the morning, and if you don’t want to save on lodging costs by hanging out at the airport until your return flight, then you need to pay the hotel, taxi and the food at least for one night. Plus, the cost of the visa, travel insurance and other running expenses such as a paid bottled drinking water, would cost you around 330e for one night in a good quality hotel in Delhi.

You will also need good hardware to make a good quality video. Nowadays, a cellphone can be on when the plane is landing, in the airplane mode though, and good quality image can be obtained even with a pro-level smartphone. Those seem to cost around 1150e currently in Finland, which is in EU. On top of that, a pro-level laptop comes with 1300e with which your video can be made and saved.

So the running costs for this 1.5 minute video with these minimum expenses thus came to well over 3300e. You might think that one can save with the hotel expense and choose some cheap hotel or hostel, which will do in some cases. But if you’re a female blogger, vlogger, content creator or an Instagrammer, you might want to choose the safest and easiest option – four star hotel that is.

Note – the calculation does not include the cost of the movies you could watch in the airplane for free and then later on rent from iTunes, since you were so busy capturing the beautiful sceneries and clouds outside. A few other things get also excluded, such as the author’s home rental and other insurances, or the blog server rental. I might write about those later, but for now I just wanted to open up the cost of blogging and content creation a bit, and thereby increase the value of that work, so that the reader understands and rejoices the luxury of reading a blog for free.

But, back to lighter issues, and back to Delhi and India

Check the video that answers to your question, what did Delhi look like last winter.

See also a video of what Delhi looks like in the summer, before the monsoon.

And if you want to see what Finnair’s flights between Helsinki and Delhi looked like in spring 2007, when the direct flights between Finland and India originally started, then subscribe the INDIVUE YouTube channel and blog and maybe one day I’ll show it!

Videos from Prague

In the past, I’ve written a few posts about Prague, like a good hotel recommendation for Prague, a tip for a good Indian restaurant in Prague, and other Prague coffee and restaurant tips, plus some nice photos – you can read them in the links attached. But today, it’s the time for the moving image, videos from Prague – See the next video trailer, which will give you a quick glimpse of summertime in Prague, Czech –

Trailer of Prague summer 2019

There are many sights to see around the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, and the next video I made will take a longer look at them. For example you can find a museum with ancient weapons, military armor and helmets, which was a paid exhibition, but impressive experience, even for those people who don’t care about weapons and military issues. In addition the video will show you what kind of sunflowers were growing there near-by the museum, in the flowerbeds outside the house of famous author Franz Kafka.

If you want to see what kind of tourists are traveling in Prague or what candles are burning in Prague’s famous St. Vitus Cathedral, then check out the video I filmed last summer 2019. You will also hear what the church bells sound like in Czech.

The weather in Prague’s summer varies with rain and sunshine, and this can also be seen in this video, which was made without any manuscript. In addition the video will take you among other tourists to admire the Prague Castle after sunset.

And if you want to hear some great street music in Prague and Charles Bridge, here’s the video. It is no surprise that even Mozart is being played in the streets of Prague – after all, he has also composed in there.

Trams are a wonderful means of public transport in Prague, and with this video you can also take a tram ride in the streets of Prague and see them terraces and shops by the streets. The video will also take you to the green forest roads of the high Petrin Hill and right up high to the lookout tower on Petrin Hill, which will offer spectacular views over the Prague city. You can also see that same lookout tower and other beautiful greenery of Prague from the hill right next to Petrin Hill.

The video will also show how the sweet Czech snack tredlnik is being happily made in the grill despite the heat of the summer.

And, as a bonus, the video most certainly takes you to that Old Town Town Hall and the famous astronomical clock in Prague, below and above which tourists gather to watch the shades open and the wooden figures greeting their viewers every on the hour.

See the video here, after the parodic image of the moving statue of the Czech author Franz Kafka, reminding someone familiar from this blog –

Summer in Prague

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