Piku – Bollywood, 2015

Piku was not a touching, but rather a hilarious Bollywood movie. And a very realistic one, I’m afraid –

Bollywood´s 100 years

  Promoting Bollywood’s 100 years    As the Indian movie industry Bollywood becomes 100 years old,  I decided to make a reviewing article for all of you who like  or pay interest in Bollywood movies.   Here following will be a list of some Bollywood movie reviews in English,  written by me only, during the past few years ofContinue reading “Bollywood´s 100 years”

Enthiran (tamil), Robot – Kollywood, 2010

I considered carefully shall I sacrifice huge three hours of my time for the Helsinki Love & Anarchy -filmfestival movie Enthiran, Robot, since I was not that familiar with Tollywood. The film was apparently a sci-fi movie, which also is not my cup of tea, and the showtime was an uninviting Sunday midday and theContinue reading “Enthiran (tamil), Robot – Kollywood, 2010”