5 reasons to visit the amazing Gokarn in India

Sunset and horizon in Gokarn, India

Gokarn, also written as Gokarna, is a small village in the West coast of India, in the state of Karnataka, which is a neighboring state to Goa. Gokarn is located some 145km towards South from Goa, and it is a religiously significant place for Hindus, which is why it is very common to see there pilgrims dressed in black.

You can reach Gokarn easily by train, bus or car, from Goa, but of all these 3 the busride will most likely consume most of your energy, though nothing beats the warm wind blowing through the bus windows during sunset time.

Here’s 5 reasons to visit Gokarn –

1. If you are hippy minded missing the good old days of Goa, you can get some of those hippy vibes back from Kudley Beach, Om-beach and especially Paradise Beach in Gokarn. Paradise Beach you can reach by boat and sleep overnight there in some very simple huts by the sea. Sunbathing also allowed.

2. Sunsets by the sea in Gokarn have been a way more beautiful than in many other places in India. One of the best places to enjoy sunset in Gokarn is on top of the hill between Kudley Beach and Gokarn Beach. The wind is very smooth. Just remember to return to the village before it gets too dark.

3. Gokarn will show you the real beautiful India, which is not too modern. It will also show you some incredible things as well, like a man and a woman walking on the same street without a shirt and without any problem from other people. See the attached photo if you don’t believe it.

4. The small streets of Gokarn will give you an idea of the real life of dedicated Hindus.

5. Restaurants in Gokarn are often very spicy for the Western tongue, but one small cafe there used to make really fabulous uttapams. That taste could make the customer come back all the way from Finland. Don’t know if that place exists anymore, but at least in Om Beach there’s one very nice restaurant, namely Namaste Cafe.

Hill between Kudley and Gokarn beaches
Watching the sunset on the hill between Kudley and Gokarn beaches
People swimming during sunset in Gokarn Beach
People swimming during sunset in Gokarn Beach
Religious vehicle in the center of Gokarn
Religious vehicle in the center of Gokarn
Pilgrims in Gokarn dressed in black
Pilgrims in Gokarn dressed in black
Commercial wall paintings in Gokarn
Commercial wall paintings in Gokarn
Religious sight in Gokarn, India
Small religious sight in Gokarn
Sunset and sea in Gokarn, India
Sunset and sea in Gokarn, India

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Mussoorie in India and 5 reasons to go there

Roads high in Himalaya mountains, India Roads high in Himalaya mountains, India

Narrow roads in India, high in the mountains, can make you feel dizzy, like in the video attached, but here’s 5 reasons to go to Mussoorie anyway –

5 reasons to visit Mussoorie –

1. If you want to experience the Himalayan mountains in India, then Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is the first hillstation to go, nearest to Delhi.

2. Narrow roads by the hillside will give you plenty of tension and excitement with real highs, no matter what is your vehicle.

3. In the spring and during the monsoon, a hillstation in India is a cool place to be, when the heat is next to unbearable elsewhere in India.

4. Sunset behind the mountains is really awesome.

5. Morning and sunrise behind the fog will leave you speachless.

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Edges of the mountain roads
Edges of the mountain roads
Houses by the Himalaya mountains
Houses by the Himalaya mountains
Altitude over 6000ft
Altitude over 6000ft takes your breath away
Sunset in Mussoorie, hillstation in North India
Sunset in Mussoorie, hillstation in North India
Foggy sunrise in Mussoorie, hillstation in North India
Foggy sunrise in Mussoorie, hillstation in North India

Best of Copenhagen -video

As a latest update for INDIVUE’s Travel Opus to Europe comes this video Best of 10 from Copenhagen. It tells you about the best sights to see in Copenhagen for a traveller, and those sights include Rosenborgs castle, Christiansborgs Palace, Nyhavn and the statue of the Little Mermaid, among others.

The video consists of beautiful images, many of which you’ve never seen before.

After watching this short video about the best sights in Copenhagen, you might be interested in reading more about these places. For that I wrote http://bit.ly/TripToCopenhagen.

You can read about Copenhagen also in Finnish .

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Sahakari Spice Farm in South Goa (video)


The charm of Goa is very much based on its beautiful nature.

Unfortunately roaming around in Indian forests is not safe for a blogging photographer, but luckily they have developed a solution in India for that, which is those tourist friendly spice plantations. In Goa there are several spice plantations, and I went to visit Sahakari Spice Farm in South Goa four years back –

Sahakari Spice Farm is located in Ponda in South of Goa, far from the traditional Goan tourist attractions. You can get there the best and safest by an A/C-taxi, although it is a very expensive way to travel in Goa.

In Sahakari Spice Farm you can see growing, among others, green nature, flowers, pineapples, cashew nuts, pepper corns and other spices , coconuts and bananas in a tree – you can see those in this video attached as well. Bananas and pineapples growing are indeed a very exotic thing to see for a North European traveler, believe it or not. In addition you might also get to see an elephant and buy organic spices for yourself!

If you are wondering what on earth they are pouring with a ladle to a small childs neck in this video, I must reveal that it is water, which cools you nicely when it runs down your back, as the weather in Goa is otherwise tropically sweaty and hot even in February.

Under coconut palm tree in Goa
Under coconut palm tree in Goa

Coconut palms do grow everywhere in Goa, but in spice plantation you can see them without hotels and houses.

Sahakari Spice Farm and the elephant in a do-it-yourself-shower

Elephants are another luxury you don’t get to see every time you visit India.

Here in this video you can see an elephant taking a do-it-yourself-shower in Sahakari Spice Farm!


The roads in Sahakari Spice farm were well maintained in 2014. They had even made good stairs in the jungle!


Path and stairs in the Sahakari Spice Farm
Path and stairs in the Sahakari Spice Farm


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Birds’ India (video)

Today’s video tells you about the Indian nature and birds.

All the photographs in this video are unstaged, portraying the real life of an Indian bird. The images are not from a zoo.

Indian crow pose
Indian crow pose

Photos were taken during ten years of travelling in India, by a Finnish gori traveller. Not that gender matters.

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Bird’s life in Goa

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Bird photography in Seurasaari island, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is well-known as a clean and uncrowded city with a close distance to the sea and nature.

Seurasaari is one of Helsinki’s islands offering lots of natural beauty especially during summertime. For a birdwatcher and a naturelover it is a pearl, within a short bus trip from the center of Helsinki. Seurasaari is a free experience except during Midsummer festivals in June.

Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Here’s an INDIVUE video of the birds in Seurasaari – enjoy the video attached.

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Seagull in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki seagull
Hail in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki hail

India photography in colour

Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach


These moments have been captured and blogged in Finnish from India during travelling in 2005-2015. See more photographs from India in www.indivue.blogspot.com