Art and traveltips for Barcelona

Indivue art inspired by Barcelona

I visited Barcelona twice within the past one year and had planned to blog you so much about it. Unfortunately I got puzzled by the recent tragic events in the Barcelona street Las Ramblas, and also by the big talk about Barcelona and Katalonia leaving Spain, that I really could not write nor paint about Barcelona anymore. That is for at least some time now.

But just in case you are plannin to travel to Barcelona yourself, do check all the short reviews I wrote for Barcelona in Tripadvisor from There is, especially for the Indian kitchen lovers, a nice Indian restaurant recommendation by Indivue. That Indian restaurant might even be the spiciest restaurant in the whole of Barcelona!

There was also another good Indian restaurant in Barcelona. It can actually be even better than the previously mentioned one, but like I said, I might write about it later, so stay tuned.

Now let me introduce to you the digital painting inspired by Barcelona.

The hashtags below it will take you to instaimages from Barcelona and other art related issues. You might want to take a look at them as well.

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Check out this totally new outlook of for starters!

Art and traveltips for Amsterdam

Photopainting inspired by Amsterdam canals

Another European city, which I have wanted to blog and paint for so long is Amsterdam, and today is the day. I must tell you, those Amsterdam canal cruises really took my heart away.

In case you are plannin to travel to Amsterdam yourself, check the following reviews for Amsterdam in Tripadvisor: There is, especially for the lovers of Indian kitchen, a very good restaurant recommendation by INDIVUE.

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Photopainting inspired by Amsterdam canals

Barcelona collages

These photo collages from Barcelona and plenty of more travel photography can be found from INDIVUE Instagram.

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Re-Designing Helsinki: Siltavuorenranta / Brobergskajen / "Shore of the Bridgemountain"


This digital painting is inspired by a spring view in Helsinki Siltavuorenranta. Colours come from the sky, buildings of Hotel Hilton and Merihaka and one female jogger.
Siltavuorenranta means Shore of the bridgemountain in English.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the design capital of the world, 2012.

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