Amos Rex art museum opened in Helsinki

New art museum, Amos Rex, opened in Helsinki this week, on 30.8.2018. The museum is located under ground in and in the inner yard of Lasipalatsi-building right in the centre of Helsinki.

Amos Rex art museum on the opening day 30.8.2018
Amos Rex art museum on the opening day 30.8.2018


Inside the museum the architecture combines 60’s design with futuristic vibes nicely, and allthough it is an underground museum, the museum windows come on the ground in the inner yard of Lasipalatsi.


Design inside Amos Rex Art Museum
Design inside Amos Rex Art Museum


The first exhibition in Amos Rex is called Massless by teamLab, and it is really a good example of where the digital art has reached today. Definitely worth seeing.



Check the INDIVUE video from the opening day 30.8.2018 and see more pics about the Amos Rex -museum together with the teamLab’s art exhibition.


Public media together with the social media in the Amos Rex art museum opening day
Public media together with the social media in the Amos Rex art museum opening day


Nowadays the inner yard of Lasipalatsi makes a very nice background for the photos of tourists visiting Helsinki.

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And did you know that the first ever picture Indivue tweeted in Twitter was actually from Helsinki and from the Lasipalatsi inner yard in May 2013 – and 5 years later (and 800 INDIVUE tweeted images later) they had built this massive Amos Rex art museum over there. See the tweet below and follow Indivue for more travel and art to come!


175 years old Tivoli in Copenhagen

Entrance to Copenhagen Tivoli

The colourful Tivoli funpark is one of the most impressive sights in Copenhagen, Denmark.

During winter time it is closed, except during some festivals, but in the summertime it blossoms everyday attracting visitors young and old.

This year Tivoli Fun Park became 175 years old. See the Anniversary Parade from the Copenhagen Tivoli in the video attached!




Tivoli in Copenhagen


Tivoli in Copenhagen


Himmelskibet in Copenhagen Tivoli
Himmelskibet, the most vaulting experience in Tivoli


Flowers in Copenhagen Tivoli


Flowers blossoming in Copenhagen Tivoli


Flowers blossoming in Copenhagen Tivoli
Flowers blossoming in Copenhagen Tivoli


Vegetarian meal in the Copenhagen Tivoli Food Garden
Vegetarian meal in the Copenhagen Tivoli Food Garden. You can eat in their restaurants without entering Tivoli and buying the ticket.


Copenhagen Tivoli


Entrance to Copenhagen Tivoli
Entrance to Copenhagen Tivoli

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Bird photography in Seurasaari island, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is well-known as a clean uncrowded city with a close distance to sea and nature.

Seurasaari is one of its islands offering lots of natural beauty especially during summertime. For a birdwatcher and a naturelover it is a pearl, within a short bus trip from the Helsinki centre. Seurasaari is a free experience except during Midsummer festivals in June.

Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Here’s an Indivue video of the birds in Seurasaari – enjoy the video attached.


This video from Seurasaari is part of Indivue’s Travel Opus to Europe. Read more about Helsinki here.

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Seagull in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki seagull


Hail in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki hail

Travel Opus to Goa

Travel Opus to Goa

Travel Opus to Goa

Travel Opus to Goa will guide you to the beaches and sights in Goa, India, together with unique images, videos and travel experiences of an artistic European travelblogger.

INDIVUE is, for example, the oldest bilingual (Finnish and English, travel n’art) blog in Finland, still updating and renewing itself. It has been online since 2005.

 Other Travel Opuses of Indivue take you to Europe, India and Bollywood.

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Travel Opus to Goa, India
The first cover of Travel Opus to Goa





All the beaches of Goa

Various Goa related articles



You can read the Travel Opus to Goa originally in Finnish and in English, but nowadays also in several other languages with the help of Google translator.

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Helsinki centre, Esplanadi park and Kauppatori in summer 2018

American president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin are coming to Helsinki, Finland, to have a meeting tomorrow Monday in the Finnish President’s Sauli Niinistö’s castle. The traffic in the famous tourist areas like Esplanadi park and Market square, Kauppatori, in the centre of Helsinki will be blocked, so I went already beforehand to check, what does the summer look like in Helsinki centre in mid July 2018.

Weather was sunny and warm, temperature near the heat limit 25C. See more in the photos attached –  Helsinki centre and Esplanadi Park, Market Square, Allas Sea Pool, President’s Castle and Pohjoisesplanadi street in summer 2018.

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From the beaches of Gokarn

It’s been a few years since my last visit to Gokarn. Although Gokarn is more of a place for pilgrims, it is still ok to visit there, if you’re interested in experiencing a more traditional Indian village.

Gokarn is a charming place, because it is not too modern. Some say, it is like a genuine India experience. It is located near Goa, in the neighboring state Karnataka, but it is still totally different from Goa, although you do get to see something similar in the inlands of Goa, far from the touristic areas.

This short video here gives you a short glimpse of the main beach in Gokarn, namely Gokarn Beach. There are the pilgrims and all the locals, tourists and fishermen together on this beach. But don’t expect to see sunbeds nor bikinis. Instead, from the nearby hills you will find three more beaches, namely Kudley Beach, Om Beach and Paradise Beach. These beaches are populated with Western tourists with mostly hippie mindset.

These photos attached here were taken in 2007, and originally published eleven years ago in January 2007 in Indivue’s blog. Back in those days, in 2007, the memory cards of digital cameras were not very big, some 2Mb maybe, and they got full very quickly. I remember there was one small shop in Gokarn, where they shifted your photos to a dvd, so that a traveller could have more space in one’s camera and take more photos. Then again, back in the guesthouse, one had to shift the photos to a computer and from a computer to a memorystick, and then go with the memorystick to an internet cafe in order to blog the photos. That’s how the blogging in India was back in 2007.

Gokarn Beach, India, 2007
Gokarn Beach

Kudley Beach, Gokarn, India
Kudley Beach

Paradise Beach, Gokarn
Paradise Beach

This other Indivue short video from Gokarn village shows the local cows caressing each other and describes well the atmosphere in this village. Gokarn, you know, means “cow’s ear”. Find travel tips for Gokarn from Tripadvisor here and more Indivue photos from Gokarn here in this link.

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Trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower (video preview)

Today’s video comes from Paris and from the most famous sight in there – the Eiffel Tower. I shot this video to remember and to show what it’s like to travel up there to the top of the Eiffel Tower. And then again coming back down on the ground. You know the elevator inside the Eiffel Tower does not take you quite to the top. This means you have to walk the last stairs all by yourself.

But it’s really worth all the cost and the trouble going up to the Eiffel Tower. With the trouble I mean queueing during a hot day and travelling high up in a small elevator. Travelling together in a small place with all them unknown people whose language you don’t even know to speak. Watching the ground beneath you reciding knowing there is no turning back. But the view from there, from the top of the Eiffel Tower, is really something. Spectacular, unforgettable and worth all the cost and trouble, like I said. And then again, in the night time, when you are walking the Parisian streets in the centre, the view of the lights in the Eiffel Tower really bring about something indescribable for a tourist.

You might also be interested in the article I wrote in Finnish about the Best sights in Paris. It is telling about the best hotels, restaurants and Indian restaurants in Paris also, back in 2017. The interesting point to be made was that an Indian restaurant in Paris, for which Indivue would give five stars for the taste, was only at 12159th position in TripAdvisor. – Makes you wonder how good food there might be in the first 100 restaurants in Paris. Maybe this is the reason why they had to invent them Michelin stars. See also the video of the Best sights in Paris.

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Bandra Worli Sea Link -bridge (video preview)

Back in 2005, the trip from Mumbai airport to Colaba, in the Southern Mumbai, took some one hour, when you had to drive through the whole city of Mumbai. Although the trip through the city was a very thrilling experience for a first timer, it was still nice to experience this Bandra Worli Sea Link -bridge which they had built on the sea, to make the travelling in Mumbai a lot easier and much faster, ten years later – In 2015 a taxi from Mumbai airport to Colaba took more than half an hour less of your time. Less than thirty minutes outside rush hour.

During night time this Bandra Worli Sea Link -bridge is lit nicely and you can enjoy the night time view along with the traffic lights and skyscraper lights from hotels like Taj Lands End in Bandra. This is a very much recommendable sight during night, I must say. Unfortunately this hotel did not have a roof top terrace with a restaurant – That would have really crown it all.

Day time you can visit the near by Bandra Fort and park and then watch the sun set in the horizon, behind the Arabian Sea. Sunset on the rocks in Bandra Bandstand will look something like in the video you will find in the link.

Find a short video about Bandra in Mumbai including the before mentioned nighttime view of Bandra Worli Sea Link -bridge and Bandra Fort here. The music and photos in the video are by Indivue.

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Delhi traffic without a chaos (video preview)

Here’s a glimpse of Indian traffic in Delhi going smoothly during a rush hour.

After watching this video, more YouTube videos will follow. You might also be interested in other Indivue videos about India – they are authentic scenes with authentic sounds from all around India – find it in The Real India Short Cut

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Peaceful river flow in South Goa (video preview)

River flow in South Goa

This peaceful river flow -shortvideo I captured from South Goa, India, far from the main tourist attractions. This serene moment proves how beautiful the Indian nature can be.

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