Video: Holiday in Goa and the menu for tourist

Here’s a video I made of the trip to Goa, India, in January 2019. The video focuses on the good Indian food I was happy to experience. It will tell you the good foods to try out in case you’re travelling to Goa. Take a look –

My flight was through Delhi, so delicious hints from the Delhi domestic airport and Delhi international airport will also be shared.

The restaurants from South Goa featured in this video were Portofino, Sagar Kinara and German Bakery, in addition to some beach shack restaurants on the Goan beaches.

The video visits also in local shops and fruit stalls in South Goa and even a sweet shop in Margao, the capital of South Goa.

The Indian sweets mentioned in the video are milk cake, imarti and an extremely delicious velvety smooth Gulab Jammu from Kolkata that practically melts in your mouth when you take a bite. See, so that you know what a tasty Gulab Jammu looks like.

I was happy to notice that in some local shops in South Goa one was able to find some organic products also. Especially some nuts and atta. And also gluten-free atta made from quinoa. Combined with psyllium, one was able to make gluten-free rotis out of quinoa atta.

Another thing I was happy about was a South Indian dish poha, which was sold without unhealthy preservatives in the Indian domestic flight from Goa to Delhi.

Notice that this video comes with subtitles, which will give you more information in either English, Finnish or Swedish. 

You can choose the language you prefer from the Youtube settings.

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An Indian lunch as far as the peppercorn grows!

Peppercorns growing in Goa, India

If you wish to have an Indian lunch as far as the peppercorn grows, then I would recommend Sahakari Spicefarm in Goa, India.

Sahakari Spicefarm is located in Ponda in South-Goa and it is very suitable a sight for a traveller, who wants to get to know Indian nature and Indian plants and spices. Though it is a little bit difficult to reach, and easiest by a taxi. –

Sahakari Spice Farm Restaurant In Ponda taluka, Goa, India
Sahakari Spice Farm restaurant In Ponda taluka, Goa, India

The Sahakari Spicefarm restaurant was located in the middle of the forest, nearby the entrance of the Spicefarm.

Goan lunch: rice and dal and pao-bread
Goan lunch: rice and dal and pao-bread

Back in 2014 the lunch in Sahakari Spicefarm restaurant consisted of rice, lentil sauce and chickpea dal, and the roti was replaced by the traditional Goan pao-bread, baked with wheat and yeast. After the lunch there was also this red ayurvedic types of drink, usually served with Indian thali, and consumed after eating. It is supposed to ease the digestion.

Sahakari SpiceFarm restaurant under the palm trees in South Goa, India
Sahakari Spice Farm restaurant under the palm trees in South Goa, India

Food in the Sahakari Spicefarm restaurant was tasting fine. There were a few fans in the restaurant cooling the customers during the hot tropical days of February. Overall I would give four stars out of five for this restaurant, since the surroundings were so tropically charming.

You can listen here how the birds sing in Goa.

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Peppercorns growing in Goa, India
Peppercorns growing in Sahakari Spice Farm in Goa, India


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And for the grand finale, find the showering elephant in Sahakari Spice Farm in this video attached:

Best Indian restaurants in Stockholm, so far

Nearly five star Palak Paneer

I’ve visited Stockholm almost more often than India, since it is so near-by – just behind one sea. And when in Stockholm, I often wish to eat in an Indian restaurant. But good Indian restaurants are hard to find and access outside India. Still, years of hard work and searching have paid their prize and I’m finally able to tell, not only one, but two good Indian restaurants from Stockholm.

First comes a restaurant named East India, almost in the center of Stockholm –

Restaurant EAST INDIA, Stockholm


East India restaurant had a nice terrace by the street of Kommendörsgatan in Stockholm
The restaurant had a nice terrace by the street of Kommendörsgatan.


Inside decoration reminds one of the sixties
Inside decoration reminds one of the sixties


Overall atmosphere is that of a fine dining restaurant.
Overall atmosphere is that of a fine dining restaurant.

Nearly five star Palak Paneer
Nearly five star Palak Paneer


All their dishes were served beautifully decorated, which of course shows in the prize list as well, but after tasting their Palak Paneer and Naan bread, one didn’t mind paying, since the experience was almost a five star taste wise.

Bhindi Masala and Shahi Paneer were also looking nice, tasting average well.


Bhindi Masala and Naan bread
Bhindi Masala and Naan bread


Shahi Paneer in restaurant East India, Stockholm
Shahi Paneer in restaurant East India, Stockholm




Would I go to Stockholm and restaurant East India again? Yes, and preferably to the terrace on a warm and sunny day.



Another good Indian restaurant in Stockholm is Holy Cow. It was number one in Tripadvisor’s Indian restaurants in Stockholm last year, so I thought, lets give it a try. By now, autumn 2018, it has dropped till 4th best Indian restaurant in Stockholm, according to Tripadvisor.


Restaurant HOLY COW SÖDER, Stockholm


Holy Cow Söder was difficult to reach, since it was located in Ringvaegen, which was not in the centre of Stockholm, but required a long walk from the centre instead.

Tourist, of course, does not mind, since one gets to see the city.

Restaurant Holy Cow Söder under the orange shelter
Restaurant Holy Cow Söder under the orange shelter


Windows open to the terrace
The open windows eased the heat during summer, but unfortunately let the disturbing tobacco smoke come in from the terrace.


Vegetarian food was tasting average well. The orange shade in the image comes from the restaurant’s orange sun shelter.


Toothpicks are uncommon luxury in many restaurants. Holy Cow Söder had them many.
Toothpicks are uncommon luxury in many restaurants. Holy Cow Söder had them many.



Terrace of restaurant Holy Cow Söder in Stockholm
The above mentioned orange sun shelter of the restaurant Holy Cow Söder in Stockholm


The interior of restaurant Holy Cow Söder was modest but clean. Summer heat was beaten by open windows to the terrace, which also allowed the cigarette smoke come inside the restaurant from the terrace. Vegetarian lunch in the restaurant was tasting average well.

Would I go to Stockholm and restaurant Holy Cow Söder again? Yes, for a lunch, but only if I’m nearby.


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Indian spices in English, Finnish and Hindi

It’s been a long time since my previous post, but it’s always good to wait for the good –

Attached below comes a list of Indian spices in Hindi and English translated into Finnish by me.

These spices are listed the way Wikipedia has listed them, and the english names are links to Wikipedia, which offer you more information about them.

I hope that this Indivue’s translated list of Indian spices facilitates your experimentations among the fascinating cookbooks and spiceshelfs of the Indian and Finnish kitchens.


The Indian name of the spice (All the names are in hindi, but written in Western alphabets).
The name of the spice in English
The name of the spice in Finnish
Aamchur/Amchoor powder
Sour mango powder
Sellerin siemen
Intialainen karviainen
Bazil / Basil
Fresh basil
mayur Badam
Choti Elaichi
Badi Elaichi
Musta kardemumma
Chakra Phool
Mango extract
Dhania/hara dhaniya
Hot spice mixture
Gulab Jal
Jaggery (unrefined sugar)
Puhdistamaton sokeri
Hara dhaniya
Fresh coriander
Harad / hime
Hari Mirch
Vihreä chilipippuri
Dhania powder/ Pisa Dhania
Coriander powder
Jauhettu korianteri
Cumin seed
Kuminan siemen
Jeera Goli
Cumin seed grounded into balls or Jeera candy
Licorice powder
Cashew nut
Kala Namak / Sanchal
Black salt, also rock salt
Musta suola
Kali Elaichi
Musta kardemumma
Kali Mirchi
Nigella seed
Kasoori Methi Dried
Sarviapilan lehti
Katira Goond
Kebab Cheeni
Kesar, mayur
Kesar mari mari
Saffron pulp
Khus Khus
Lal Mirchi
Red chili
Punainen chili
Kali Mirch
Methi leaves
Sarviapilan lehti
Methi seeds
Naaga Keshar
Kanelin nuput
Sitruuna / limetti
Pyaz / Kanda
Pathar Ka Phool
Pitkä pippuri
Peeli Mirchi
Keltainen pippuri
Ratin jot
Alkanet root
Safed Mirchi
Saji na phool
Mustard seed or mustard only
Sinappi tai sinapin siemen
Sarson Ka Tel
Fennel seed
Syah Jeera
Soa sag
Dried ginger
Suwa or Shopa
Tej Patta
Shimla Mirch
Kala Zeera
Musta kumina
Pyhä basilika
Ohessa intialaisten mausteiden käännökset suomeksi ja englanniksi. Huomaa, että suomenkieliset nimet ovat linkkejä lisätietoon kyseisistä mausteista!

Café Coffee Day and Indian cappucino

intialainen cappucino kahvi
 Indian cappucino

Unlike some people say, you do get good coffee in India. Café Coffee Day offers truly tasty salty and sweet bakeries with various creative coffee drinks.

Café Coffee Day: stars for the food and drinks ****, interior and atmosphere, depending of the city location, minimum ***

Raspberries in Ayurveda

“Rasberries are sweet, slightly sour and astringent and cooling with a pungent vipaka. They stimulate vata and calm kapha dosha. Pitta can eat them occasionally.
Never eat more than two handfuls of raspberries at a time, because it may cause vomiting.
Do not eat milk, yogurt or cheese with raspberries as it may cause hemorrhoids, ulcers and skin diseases.
1. For burning urination, eat about 20 raspberries with 1 teaspoon rock candy powder or natural sugar sprinkled over them and then drink 1 cup of water. This may help to stop the burning sensation and inflammation of the urinary tract.
2. In cases of bleeding gums, hemorrhoids of profuse menstruation, try chewing about 10 to 20 raspberries, 2 or 3 times a day, on an empty stomach.
3. In any bleeding disorder, drink 1 cup of raspberry juice with a pinch each of ground cumin and ground fennel to help slow down the bleeding.”

Quote from Usha Lads and Dr. Vasant Lads book Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-healing.