Barcelona collages

These photo collages from Barcelona and plenty of more travel photography can be found from INDIVUE Instagram.

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India photography in colour

Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach


These moments have been captured and blogged in Finnish from India during travelling in 2005-2015. See more photographs from India in 

Ideas and reviews for Barcelona

As I mentioned earlier, I was travelling in the lovely Barcelona in October. Here’s a couple of Instagram pics from there.

Check also some INDIVUE travel ideas and reviews for Barcelona which I wrote for TripAdvisor.

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India photography in black & white and sepia


These images in black & white and sepia have been taken while travelling in India during the years 2006 – 2015 and these photos have been blogged in Indivue.

None of these photos are staged nor posed, thus presenting India very much like it is.

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Photographs of India in Pinterest

Valokuvia Intiasta Pinterestissä

Pinterest is a great website, where you can collect and curate images published in various websites and blogs over the internet.

Indivue has also brought together photographs published in Indivue blog over the past many years into Indivues Pinterest page and you can have access to India related photographs through following the link

Those photos are also marked on the map of India, so that you can see where each picture was taken.

Indivue travels India -photocollection in Pinterest will grow as time and finances allow, so the page is worth bookmarking! And by the way, if you know other good India-related Pinterest-galleries, don’t hesitate to hint in the comment section!