Instagram does not yet allow you to subscribe content creators from Europe, so here’s how you can become a subscriber and VIP follower of @indivueofficial travel and art in Instagram –

Indivue creates lots of unique visual content and shares lots of inspiring information, and has been doing so for years. As a VIP member you will be seeing even more images and behind the scenes material than the regular Instagram followers. But content creation does not grow in trees. As a VIP member you are also supporting the creation, and making it possible to continue to do so. It’s like offering a cup of tea.

When you become a VIP member of @indivueofficial in Instagram, you will be part of the inner circle (also known as “close friends”) and thus you will see more content than all the other followers of my instastories. Also you can ask a travel related guestion related to the destinations in my guides. Note: I am specialized in traveling to Goa and Helsinki.

(Note:You will see my Instastories when you click my profile image in Instagram.)

There’s over 900 good quality pictures and videos in my Instagram gallery. Visiting an art exhibition has never been this easy!

Instagram 1 month VIP membership

Buy a one month VIP membership in @indivueofficial Instagram and / or get yourself one personalized travel advice.


After payment send the receipt and your Instagram username by email to indivueofficial(a) to make it faster to become a VIP member, or just wait my email. In case you are already following me in Instagram, send the receipt by dm (direct message) and I will try to make you a VIP within 24 hrs.

Instagram is not involved in this VIP membership. And just like Instagram can change or close its service at anytime for any reason, I also need to reserve the right to terminate the VIP memberships in Instagram at any time for any reason, like technical problems, even if the membership did not last for the whole period. The membership fee can not be returned.

Remember you can always read my blog, watch my YouTube channel and Instagram for free 24/7/365. Check them out also!

3 months membership

So you already tried the VIP membership in my Instagram and want to continue? That is so nice! I could use another cup of tea. Now you can have also a 3 months VIP membership – travel & art & portraits – here you go –

Instagram 3 months VIP membership

Buy a 3 month VIP membership in @indivueofficial Instagram. Supporting art and blogging has never been this easy!


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