Mumbai hotel with a suite, seaview and a view of the Marine drive

My first ever blogpost had authentic travel moods straight from Mumbai, India. It took, however, more than ten years before I was able to experience a five star hotel in Mumbai. And after experiencing it, one can not dream of much else.

I chose such a hotel from Mumbai from where one can see the Marine Drive, and from this hotel in Nariman Point I was able to watch the sceneries where I had walked one decade earlier. And from where I also got to see movies and read some terrible news later as well.

Hotel Oberoi Trident, Mumbai

That hotel was a 5 star hotel Oberoi Trident Mumbai and my room there was a suite with a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. And because the short video I made of this Oberoi hotel happens to be my most popular video in my YouTube channel, the hotel really deserves to be blogged and mentioned in my free travel guide in web, the INDIVUE – Trip to India.

Hotel Oberoi Trident Mumbai and the dining table of the suite

The living room of the suite had two windows overlooking the Arabian Sea as well as the skyscrapers of the opposite headland. The furniture included a sofa, sofa chairs and a living room table, as well as a dining table with chairs and a chest of drawers, a TV and oriental rugs. The bedroom in turn had a comfortable double bed, closets, desk, TV, desk chair and other seating. The bathroom was elegantly clean and had a nice bathtub.

The walls of the suite room were painted with the usual light yellow color common in Indian households and the floor of the living room was made of some dark green marble tile or similar cool coating that feels nicely cool on bare toes if air conditioning was not being used. The curtains were light beige and the furniture was darker in color. The suite had roses and other fresh flowers in a vase as decorative elements and couple of valuable-looking works of art delighted the guest on the suite walls.

View from the hotel window without zoom

One was able to order the breakfast in the room and the breakfast was plentiful and tasty with the room service being played tip top. I wrote a post in Finnish, couple of years ago, about the hotel kitchen and the hotel food, and the post was with a heading “Best Indian Food and Restaurant in Mumbai“. I think that tells about it all.

Morning in Mumbai

Video of the 5 star hotel Oberoi Trident in Mumbai

Couple of years ago I made a music video for YouTube about this five-star hotel in Mumbai and by now the video has received the most likes of all my YouTube videos so far. I want to thank you for all the likes, because it is very rare that a blogging artist gets any feedback. And since the video has reached over 11000 views by now, it is time to celebrate it and show you the video here as well –

In this video you will get to see e.g. the hotel’s pink corridors as well as them fine oriental rugs and the gilded trash can of the suite room. You will also get to see better the actual distance to the opposite beach, as well as the people around the hotel, doing for example their morning jog or just otherwise admiring the sea and the sceneries.

From the hotel’s observation deck one was able to see the entire Marine Drive and also Chowpatty Beach.

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Restaurants in Mariehamn

*PR trip, blog collaboration with Visit Åland and Tallink | Silja

Recently, on 9th June, Åland turned 99 years old and this gives me a good chance to recall my trip in May to explore various restaurants in Mariehamn.

My latest video in YouTube tells about some 8 good restaurants in Mariehamn and you can watch the video here –

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Hotel Arkipelag in Mariehamn and a room with a seaview (+ video)

  • PR-trip, blog collaboration with Visit Åland and Tallink Silja

Hotel Arkipelag was located in Finnish territorial waters, in the Åland city of Mariehamn, and the windows of the hotel overlooked the sea. However, not the open sea, for the opposite side shore was also visible. I wonder, if there can be a happier hotel experience than a room with a balcony and a sea view –

There was a car road between the sea and the hotel, but there was not much traffic on that road at least at the end of the spring, and hardly any traffic at night.

Watch the music video attached which I made of my hotel visit, and you will see the hotel and the sea from the balcony –

In the hotel room, there was apple juice waiting for the guest on the arrival. The elegant overall impression of the hotel room and the dark-speaking décor were crowned by beautiful rose bedspreads and pillows on the bed. The bed was suitably soft and good for sleeping. No noise was coming from the other hotel rooms in the night time, even if there was any.

The beds and the window towards the balcony and a seaview
Cosmetics by Rituals

However, the best thing about Arkipelag’s hotel room was its clean bathroom, which featured both a bathtub and a separate wall-mounted shower. Such an ingenious solution kept the bathroom floor perfectly dry and was perfect for a person who is not used to taking a shower in a narrow slippery bath tub.

And when the hotel offered high-quality Rituals products as its bath cosmetics, I had to test the bath tub, even though I had to tweak the night’s sleep due to the busy schedule of the next day. If possible, next time I will bring my own bath foam to the hotel, because the products of Rituals did not foam much, even though they were otherwise very pampering. And what is a bath without bath foam? In the picture below you can see the view directly from the bath tub towards the bath room mirror, front door and the view outside.

View outside from the bathtub

So it was a rainy weather during my hotel visit in Arkipelag in Mariehamn, so I don’t know from which direction one could see the sunset – whether it would be visible to the balconies facing the sea or to the balconies on the other side of the building facing the city. However, in rainy weather, the evening can also be enjoyed without sunsets, at the Compagniet restaurant by the hotel, which had an oriental feel to it because of the interior design. For entertainment the restaurant had e.g. billiard tables and a petangue court with real sand, which were in operation even at the time of the corona restrictions. The food in the restaurant was also tasty, but more on that later.

Restaurant Compagniet

One was also able to enjoy the buffet breakfast with a sea view and the breakfast table selection was comprehensive. I don’t know if a gluten-free pancake would have been possible to have, but at least you got a regular pancake, which Åland is famous of.

Breakfast with seaview

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