Hiking in a Finnish forest in Espoo

This video tells you what it’s like to hike in a Finnish forest on a warm autumn day in October. You’ll get to see Haukkalampi in Nuuksio National Park in Espoo and people outing there, grilling their sausages by the pond. Espoo is a neighboring city to Helsinki and some parts of Espoo are accessible by metro, but Nuuksio you can reach by your own car or bus.

Video duration 2:17

Nuuksio National Park, Finland

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Nice seaview café in West Helsinki, Finland

This video tells you about a nice cafeteria with a sunset view over the sea in West Helsinki, Finland. This Café Torpanranta has a big terrace outside and you can walk there by the sea next to the rocky beach, admiring the beautiful trees along the way. And if you decide to enjoy your cake and tea inside the café, they play nice music.

Video duration 3:34

Café Torpanranta

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Nice cafe with a scenic seaview of Helsinki centre

This video tells you about a nice cafeteria with scenic views by Töölönlahti in Helsinki centre. The café is called Taideterassi, which means art terrace in Finnish. During summertime there is a blooming flower garden around the coffetables.

Duration 3:04

Café Taideterassi (art terrace) on top of the hill in Helsinki

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Good Indian restaurant dinner in Barcelona

This short video presents you a good Indian restaurant dinner in Swagatam in Barcelona. The restaurant serves you nice Indian food according to my own customer experience. The video was filmed in 2016 and 2017, which explains the change in the wall color of this restaurant.

Duration 1:16

Restaurant Swagatam, Barcelona

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Good Indian restaurant in Amsterdam

It’s been a very long time since my trip to Amsterdam.

From Amsterdam I vividly remember, in addition to the Van Gogh Museum and the canals, the Indian restaurant Shiva in the center of Amsterdam. That restaurant, Shiva, was located along a narrow street next to a cannabis-smelling coffee shop and near the hotel where I stayed.

Restaurant Shiva offered very tasty food to a customer who likes both vegetarian and chicken dishes and their palak paneer was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever eaten in Europe, receiving four out of five stars from me.

It was weekend when I visited and the restaurant Shiva’s tables were full of customers for dinner. The tables were decorated with living roses and the atmosphere in the restaurant was clean and elegant, but customers were still ok wearing normal clothes.

Check the video I made about this restaurant –

Restaurant Shiva, Amsterdam

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The renovated Tallink City Hotel charmed the travel blogger – see how

*pr-trip in collaboration with Tallink Suomi

I had the pleasure of visiting and staying at the renovated Tallink City Hotel on the other side of the sea, in Tallinn, the other week. Renovated in 2021, this 4-star hotel was located about one kilometer from the port of Tallinn, opposite the large Viru Keskus shopping center. See the attached music video I made from my visit to Tallink City Hotel here –

Tallink city hotel

The days of September had already cooled down in Finland, but it was still hot in Tallinn when we arrived at the hotel. However, the air conditioning kept my room on the 7th floor comfortable and cool.

In less than a year, the Tallink City Hotel had undergone a complete transformation, as all of its 324 rooms had been renovated from floor to the ceiling, and the hotel’s restaurants, bar, conference center and other public areas had been completely refurbished. My hotel room smelled of novelty and freshness, as in a newly built house, and all surfaces shone spotless. The simple and elegant decoration of the room in earthy colors made the soul rest.

The room did not have a balcony, and neither did the other hotel rooms, but the 10th floor suites had even a bathroom with a sauna and lavish views over the rooftops of Tallinn, with the ability to order the meals in the room.

The hotel thus had a total of 324 hotel rooms, of which e.g. 154 double rooms, 76 connecting rooms, 22 rooms with extra bed possible, 15 de luxe rooms, 39 family rooms, 7 one-room cityside suites, 7 two-room suites, 3 two-room suites with saunas and 1 two-room children’s suite.

One of the rooms was suitable for the disabled and all rooms were suitable for allergic people. The rooms were equipped with A / C, telephone, TV, mini bar, safe, shower or bath, hairdryer, free WiFi and blackout curtains.

In the video attached you can see exactly what the bathroom and taking a bubble bath in the tub looked like.

De luxe rooms and suites also included bathrobes and slippers, the machine to make tea or other hot drinks, capsule coffee machine, bottled water, iron, ironing board and yoga mat.

There was a space on the 10th floor for events with two connecting rooms and seating for up to 40 people and with the latest conferencing technology, wireless connectivity and 86-inch Clevertouch 4K screens.

The 1st floor, in turn, had 3 private workspaces, the use of which was included in the family room, de luxe -room and suites.

In the video attached you will see stunning views from the 10th floor as well as the private soundproof workspace on the 1st floor with a glass door decorated with letters.

An interesting detail in the hotel was the Tallink Fitness indoor track, which was open 24/7 and ran through 10 floors. The stair walk that replaced the gym went nicely on the hotel’s wide stairs while admiring the scenery from the large windows. See those stairs in the video as well!

The relaxation area on the 0th floor of the hotel had 3 different saunas: an aroma and steam sauna and a Finnish sauna. In addition to saunas there were e.g. water mattresses and a hot-cold foot bath, which you can see in the video. The beauty salon enabled classic and individual beauty and wellness treatments.

The 1st floor of the large shopping center Viru Keskus, which was located opposite the hotel, was just under renovation, but there were many shops and cafés open. Even stamps to Finland were found in the shopping centre’s kiosk, but the mailbox was missing from the mall. I was, however, able to leave my cards to the hotel to be mailed, and within two weeks the post cards arrived in Finland. There was also a pharmacy near the hotel and even an Indian food store around the corner, which unfortunately I did not have time to visit this time.

City Grill House restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant City Grill House was located on two floors and had 228 seats and an open kitchen. I made another video of the dinner in that City Grill House restaurant –

Dinner at the City Grill House

As a starter the video features a delicious grilled beetroot salad with caramelized goat cheese, apple, hazelnuts and pesto. The main course is vegetarian beetroot-chickpea steak with hummus, grilled marinated peppers and fresh salad. You can see several dessert options in this video and the coconut ice cream was very good in the mint pineapple carpaccio.

A buffet breakfast was also served at this City Grill House restaurant, and the breakfast was commendably rich and varied. You can see the hotel’s breakfast at the end of my first Tallink City Hotel -video. I think a breakfast buffet is best to enjoy following the street life and this hotel made it possible too!

My hotel room was facing the street but on the 7th floor and I was not disturbed by street noise. If you want to stay in the same room you see in my video attached, check the hotel room number 706.

Tallink City Hotel and Viru Keskus

Read other ways to pamper yourself at this hotel and learn more about it from from the Tallink City Hotel‘s website. You might also be interested in seeing my other video which I made of the other Tallink hotel in Tallinn. You will find it also on my web work INDIVUE – Trip to Europe. And you can read this post also in Finnish.

Goan fishermen at work

Here’s my video telling about fishing in Goa, India. The video shows what it is like to work as a fisherman on the beautiful beaches of Goa. This video comes without music or speak so be ready to listen to the actual seawaves for a whole 5 minutes and enjoy the ASMR experience.

But if you have only one minute, check the fishermen trailer!

Video about the Goan fishermen

In the video you can see and hear how a Goan fishing boat sails off the coast at sunset and how the waves of the Arabian Sea are bubbling, sometimes calmer, sometimes more intense.

You see fishermen lowering their nets into the sea and you see how many men are needed to pull the nets back up from the Arabian Sea. You will also see and hear scurrying Indian prey fish as well as hungry birds flocking around a fishing boat.

After the fishing operation the fishing nets are spread on the beach to dry on the sand, after which the nets are cleared and stacked and possibly also patched. More than twenty men are needed to complete this task.

Also a few tourists, who are roaming around the fishing nets on the beach with their cameras, like me, are seen in this video. One of the tourists even offers to help and pull those nets back on the beach. And another one just makes a video. See it here now –

Goan fishermen at work

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