Train trip from Goa to Chennai

Here’s a video you had to wait for 8 years to see. It is about my trip from West coast of India to East coast of India, from Goa to Chennai. The trip starts from Margao station in Goa and ends up in Chennai Central station. You had to sleep one night in the train in order to reach there.

The reason why I did not post this back in 2014 is very simple: technique back then was not developed to be fast enough, so that I could make and publish music videos out of my trips. Also the internet speed for tourists in India back in 2014 was still a nightmare. Luckily today things are better when it comes to digital content production.

Video duration 5:04

As I mentioned, this trip begins from Margao station, officially known as Madgaon station in Goa. You can see tens of people waiting for the train, Chennai Express, there at the station. Also chai wallas and pani walla, tee and water sellers.

As the train is leaving, you can see people waiving at the platform, almost like in Bollywood movies.

The train is traveling through thick green forests and high hills and you will get to see a glimpse of the famous Dudhsagar waterfall and other waterfall also.

And like I said, in order to reach from Goa to Chennai by Indian railways, you had to sleep one night in the train. My seat-come-bed was by the window and a bluish curtain was separating me from the train corridor and other passangers. There was this upper bed and down bed by the window and I chose the upper bed. My bag was next to me by the wall, as it is recommended because of the risk of pickpockets in the trains. White sheet was provided by the train.

The train arrived in Chennai Central station next day in the forenoon, almost right on time. But I’ve learned that sometimes there can be huge delays when traveling with Indian railways. The trip was one of the roughest I’ve made in India, but it was not the only train trip.

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