Goa, beautiful Goa -videos

This Goa, beautiful Goa -playlist contains at the moment 17 videos from all over Goa starting from 2006 and ending in 2019. The videos will tell you about places like Panjim, Mapusa, Fort Chapora, Goa beaches etc. and the playlist will be updated with a lot more videos made by me

Dona Paula in Panjim, Goa (video preview 360˚)

Dona Paula is one of the main sights for tourists in Panjim, the capital of Goa in India. Here in this video you can see Dona Paula videoshot 360˚ degrees in the old way – it’s a short budget video that has actually been shot some 10 years ago. After watching this short video, youContinue reading “Dona Paula in Panjim, Goa (video preview 360˚)”