Flight from Delhi to Helsinki

As I wrote a few days back in the Finnish blog, Finnair will increase flights between Finland and India starting in July 2020, and that the flights will become daily. The reason for this is the lower demand for flights to China and increased demand for traffic to India. To celebrate this news, I made the following video of my Finnair flight from India to Finland. Take a look at what a flight from Delhi to Helsinki looks like and enjoy the sceneries –

In the video you will first get to see the Finnair plane at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi. The airplane had cameras on the front and bottom of the plane, allowing the passenger to easily see what was holding the aircraft when we were not moving. That is, if you weren’t more interested in watching the movies from your tv. At an Indian airport, it is quite normal for an airplane to have to queue up for quite a long time for its own turn to take off to the sky .

At the time of the filming of this video, it was an ordinary sunny January winter day in India. As the airplane climbs to the heights, the viewer can see how the landscapes and Delhi’s cloud of pollution fall behind. If you have been wondering from where that pollution is coming to Delhi in the winter time, it is largely related to the farmers burning the fields in the autumn, near-by Delhi.

As can be seen in this video, the plane flew over 11 kilometers high and the speed was 877km per hour. The flight from Delhi to Helsinki took altogether seven hours with the queues.

The most wonderful thing about this video is that when it arrives in Finland, the islands and other landscapes are beautifully covered with snow. It’s been totally different this winter 2019-2020, when Helsinki and the capital area of Finland have been completely snow-free. Luckily I took time to film this video last winter, just in case if the Gulf of Finland would never freeze and have snow again. Not that I really believe it would happen, but the climate talk makes you wonder.

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Cost of the video trailer

You probably started wondering how much resources it is one needs to make this 1.5 minute video trailer, for example, and I can open it up a bit for you. The price is the same regardless of whether the creator is, for example Finnish or Indian, when working hours and commission are not calculated.

First of all, the cheapest flights between Helsinki and Delhi are currently, at the beginning of this decade, about 560e, when they are booked well in advance. If you have to take a flight as a sudden departure, the price will easily double or even triple. This is for the economy class prices. In the business class, the price is counted in thousands of euros, and unfortunately ordinary artists cannot afford to travel in the business class. Although I’m sure a business-class would not always lead to better videos for any air-line.

A flight from Helsinki to Delhi arrives early in the morning, and if you don’t want to save on lodging costs by hanging out at the airport until your return flight, then you need to pay the hotel, taxi and the food at least for one night. Plus, the cost of the visa, travel insurance and other running expenses such as a paid bottled drinking water, would cost you around 330e for one night in a good quality hotel in Delhi.

You will also need good hardware to make a good quality video. Nowadays, a cellphone can be on when the plane is landing, in the airplane mode though, and good quality image can be obtained even with a pro-level smartphone. Those seem to cost around 1150e currently in Finland, which is in EU. On top of that, a pro-level laptop comes with 1300e with which your video can be made and saved.

So the running costs for this 1.5 minute video with these minimum expenses thus came to well over 3300e. You might think that one can save with the hotel expense and choose some cheap hotel or hostel, which will do in some cases. But if you’re a female blogger, vlogger, content creator or an Instagrammer, you might want to choose the safest and easiest option – four star hotel that is.

Note – the calculation does not include the cost of the movies you could watch in the airplane for free and then later on rent from iTunes, since you were so busy capturing the beautiful sceneries and clouds outside. A few other things get also excluded, such as the author’s home rental and other insurances, or the blog server rental. I might write about those later, but for now I just wanted to open up the cost of blogging and content creation a bit, and thereby increase the value of that work, so that the reader understands and rejoices the luxury of reading a blog for free.

But, back to lighter issues, and back to Delhi and India

Check the video that answers to your question, what did Delhi look like last winter.

See also a video of what Delhi looks like in the summer, before the monsoon.

And if you want to see what Finnair’s flights between Helsinki and Delhi looked like in spring 2007, when the direct flights between Finland and India originally started, then subscribe the INDIVUE YouTube channel and blog and maybe one day I’ll show it!

Carnival euphoria in Goa

February is a carnival time in Goa, as I have mentioned a few times over the years. The Goa Carnival parade can be seen in Goa on four different days in four different cities, which most often are Mapusa in North Goa, Panjim and Vasco in Central Goa and Margao in South Goa.

I blogged about the Viva Carnival -event for the first time in 2006 with authentic Nokia mobile pictures and you can still see those carnival pictures here.

As I recall, the same year 2006 I had also filmed a huge carnival parade in Panjim with a film camera, but because of some misfortune with my travels I lost all those stunning carnival images with the camera film roll.

Carnival parade and audience in Margao, Goa, India, 2013
Carnival parade and audience in Margao, Goa, India, 2013

In 2013 I again posted fresh carnival pictures from Goa and now, seven years later, it’s finally time for the video. You can watch the full 20 minute carnival video here!

The video shows how local children, young people and adults have gathered along the streets in Margao to watch the carnival parade including traditional fishermen and farmers from Goa with their respective outfits and also Goan folk dancers. In addition one can see for example young people demonstrating on behalf of local farmers, tiger protesting on behalf of Goa’s nature, local sex education, men dressed as oriental women, Smurfs, Indian and European cartoon characters and young girls and boys dancing with each other.

From this video I made you will get a little glance of what the carnival in Goa, India, looked like in February 2013:

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Good hotel experience in Puducherry, India

A few years ago I traveled to the East coast of India to discover a small town called Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry. Puducherry is located some tens of kilometers south of Chennai along the East coast of India.

Hotel Sunway Manor and entrance
Hotel Sunway Manor and entrance

I chose to stay in a hotel called Sunway Manor, which was a four-star hotel located by a main road called Hundred Feet Road.

Double bed in Hotel Sunway Manor
Double bed in Hotel Sunway Manor

My room was spacious and tidy and there were two chairs and a table in addition to the bed, TV and the desk. From the window I was able to see the tops of the palm trees further in the horizon and also the sun rising from the East.

The hotel room service was impeccable and on some afternoons one could find an elephant folded of towels on the bed.

Hotel neighborhood
Hotel neighborhood
Sunway Manor hotel swimming pool
Sunway Manor hotel swimming pool
Hotel swimming pool
Hotel swimming pool

There were two swimming pools in the inner yard of the hotel: a large pool for adults and a small pool for children. There were also a few sunbeds with shadows around the pool, and the shadows were really needed as the sun was shining hot almost all day.

However, in the indoors the climate of Pondicherry did not bother as the hotel was fully air-conditioned.

South Indian and French breakfasts come together
South Indian and French breakfasts come together

Puducherry’s common history with France was evident only in the hotel breakfast, where the morning buffet menu included traditional South Indian breakfast along with French delicacies such as pancake, croissant and toast. Fresh papaya, watermelon and fruits along with pongal were also served.

South Indian buffet dinner
South Indian buffet dinner

The hotel’s buffet dinner was a wonderful discovery trip to South Indian meals, but a few Indian dishes common even in Finland were also served, and the dishes were not too spicy.

Masala Dosa alà Hotel Sunway Manor
Masala Dosa alà Hotel Sunway Manor

For a small hunger one could order masala dosa from the room service, and it was brought with coconut and other chutneys. My experience was that masala dosa may look as modest as in the photo attached and still taste good.

Bodhi statue at Hotel Sunway Manor in Pondicherry
Boddhi statue at Hotel Sunway Manor

I was very pleased with the hotel, and if there was something to improve, it would have been having a roof terrace and the sea near by. However, the location was by a major road, and one could have an air-conditioned taxi from the hotel, or even pick up a yellow rickshaw in front of the hotel if one wanted to get to the beach. However though, for cultural reasons, sunbathing was only possible by the hotel’s swimming pool.

The best thing about this hotel in my humble opinion was its SPA, which refreshed the tired and flabby Finnish skin totally. Ayurvedic facial treatments and massages given at the Bodhi SPA, together with high quality ayurvedic SPA products, alleviated the prickly heat problem which is often experienced in them tropical climates. And the customer was able to continue her journey with good memories.

Here’s a short video by me of the Sunway Manor hotel in Pondicherry:

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