Helsinki Oslo video

Take off from Oslo landing in Helsinki

Today’s video presents you the flight from Norway to Finland, with take off from Oslo and landing in Helsinki. Though it was a nice summer day, there was some turbulence on the way, which is why you can see the plane shaking in the air.

The original flight time was approximately 1 hour. You can read more about Helsinki, Oslo and traveling in Europe from INDIVUE – Trip to Europe.

Cover of Trip to Europe work in 2020

Check for example this video of Oslo’s most beautiful sights, which I recently made for my Instagram followers in

Learn also 5 reasons to see and experience Oodi in Helsinki, Finland. That place has a very nice and big terrace to enjoy your time in Helsinki centre. Another great place to spend time in Helsinki is Suomenlinna. All this and a lot more about Europe you can read and see in Finnish!

Europe Oslo video

Essential Oslo sights in a video

When thinking about the Trip to Europe, Oslo in Norway is one of them very essential places to visit there. Although Oslo is in many ways very similar to the neighbouring capitals Stockholm and Copenhagen, it still has its own, kind of royal feel to it. The small size of Oslo is also charming.

The good thing in traveling is that, although Norway does not belong to EU, it was still very smooth and uncomplicated to travel between Helsinki and Oslo by air.

Here I made the video about the 10 essential must-see sights in Oslo.


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