Indian kitchen rocks -videorecipes

The videos in this playlist will teach you how to cook Indian dishes and the recipes and instructions are available both in Finnish and in English. And best of all – you can enjoy these videos with the background music!


Café Coffee Day and Indian cappucino

 Indian cappucino Unlike some people say, you do get good coffee in India. Café Coffee Day offers truly tasty salty and sweet bakeries with various creative coffee drinks. Café Coffee Day: stars for the food and drinks ****, interior and atmosphere, depending of the city location, minimum ***


Raspberries in Ayurveda

“Rasberries are sweet, slightly sour and astringent and cooling with a pungent vipaka. They stimulate vata and calm kapha dosha. Pitta can eat them occasionally. Never eat more than two handfuls of raspberries at a time, because it may cause vomiting. Do not eat milk, yogurt or cheese with raspberries as it may cause hemorrhoids, […]