INDIVUE is over 13 years old bilingual blog and website and the writer, webmaster , blogger and content creator is an artist of life, photographer and a blogger.

INDIVUE website focuses on travel and art together with movies and music. It is, for example, the oldest bilingual travel blog in Finland and the first and oldest blog blogging about Bollywood movies in Finnish.

INDIVUE started blogging in 2005 from India.

During those times camera and computer devices were very modest and internet connections and websites back then were extremely slow –

It will be interesting to see how blogging, art and travelling, for example in India, will be looking like after 10 years from this, in 2028.

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In 2016, after eleven years from the beginning, Indivue started blog cooperation. Since then all the articles which have been made through blog collaboration will be marked as “blog cooperation“. That’s how one can separate collaborative posts from all the other INDIVUE blogging, photography and videos.

You can find collaborative articles in Finnish here.

If you, or your business, is interested in collaboration with INDIVUE, or a sponsorship suitable for INDIVUE themes, do contact by e-mail: indivue(a)gmail.com.

In 2018 Indivue began affiliate marketing with Apple:

If you decide to purchase music or movies from iTunes service or the Apple Music -service through the safe Apple affiliate links in INDIVUE sites, Indivue might get a tiny commission, and so will all the linked artists.  (Apple and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.)

Besides blogging, writing and photography, Indivue has also been active in social media for years and mostly produces all the content there by herself – do follow:

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