The sound of Jaipur in the night

Truth is stranger than fiction and Bollywood can be everywhere, when you travel in India –

I stopped by to photograph this beautiful building, the palace called Jal Mahal in Jaipur, which was surrounded by water, together with its beautiful reflections, and fantastic singing was echoing from somewhere. You can hear it in this short video, the music playing in the background.

Later on, back in Finland, I made a short video of some of the photographs I took from Jaipur and composed my own music to the background. You can see that video and some of the visual delights of Jaipur, the Pink city in India here.

This article is part of the Indivue’s Travel Opus to India in English. Find the Travel Opus in Finnish here.

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After this short video of Jaipur, India, and Jal Mahal with nighttime reflections and tabla, more related videos will follow, so do take this visual adventure and subscribe Indivue for more travel and art to come!

Jaipur and Jal Mahal in the nighttime


Jaipur, the Pink city, with some green and blue

Jaipur, the so-called pink city in India, is part of the golden triangle of sights you need to see, when you travel in the Northern India.

Here in this video you can see the beautiful sights in Jaipur together with Indivue composition – Enjoy Indivue travel and art, music and photography, and subscribe Indivue for more travel and art to come!