Chai and sun on the Goan beaches

Chai and sun on the Goan beaches

Here in this video a collection of beautiful sunsets from the Goan beaches photographed by Indivue.




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Dazzling Goan sunsets

Are you familiar with the dazzling sunsets in Goa?
Here’s a few sunset from Goa, India, together with music by me
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Goan beaches

Lost & Found from Goa beach

Relax and enjoy Indivue music and images from Goa beach, India!

Flight from Oslo to Helsinki

Flight from Oslo to Helsinki

Flying from Oslo, Norway, to Helsinki, Finland, is most likely a quick sunny adventure,
at least in July.

Still, despite the beautiful weather, can angry turbulences suddenly come and disturb your travelling, as can be seen from the video.

Beautiful Oslo sights in summertime

Oslo is a beautiful city – peaceful and pleasant. Here’s some recent summertime sights from there.
The lovely thing is that, just like in Helsinki summertime, you can experience summerheat and sunshine with thunder and pouring rain all in one day!

Images and music by Indivue

The beautiful beaches of South Goa

Wanted to see all the beaches of Goa, India. It took me several years to accomplish that.
Here in this video you can see some of the beautiful beaches in South Goa, which indeed is a nice and peaceful place. Most of the time.
After this short video, more related videos will come – so enjoy the sceneries!
Oheisella videolla Etelä-Goan kauniita, silmiä hiveleviä uimarantoja!