Restless hotel experience in Amsterdam

Long time back when I visited Amsterdam, around in the middle of the previous decade, I chose myself a hotel from the center of Amsterdam, as close to the known attractions as possible.

I ended up booking my hotel room from The Albus Design Boutique hotel by the Vijzelstraat street, and the first impression outside the hotel and lobby was quite good.

Lobby of the Albus hotel in Amsterdam

But when I got into my hotel room, it was a room on the lowest, second floor, and there was a noisy street right outside my room window. Foam earplugs provided by the hotel were waiting for me by the bedside table.

While the view of the lively Amsterdam street was undoubtedly interesting, it did not compensate for the hotel’s thin window glasses, which did not keep the noise at night.

View from the second floor hotel room window in the Albus hotel
View from the hotel room window

During the weekend, the buzzing and partying people mumbled loudly on the street, and the noise continued almost till the morning. On top of that, some kind of a taxi station had been invented just under the hotel room window and there sure were enough customers there.

I did not eat breakfast nor other meals in the hotel restaurant, as there were several interesting places within walking distance, such as an Indian restaurant I wrote about earlier. In addition, there were plenty of lovely cafés in Amsterdam that served fresh and healthy food and had morning sun on their terraces.

The Albus Hotel seems to be receiving lots of four and five star reviews, but I think those reviewers have slept on the top floor of the hotel. My experience in that hotel was very restless even though the room was in good condition. Fortunately I didn’t have to spend many nights there, even though I otherwise like Amsterdam.

The Albus hotel in Amsterdam
The Albus hotel in Amsterdam

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Paris instant photo exhibition

Those who have been following my Instagram, have, over the past one month, been able to see my photos from Paris and especially the Eiffel Tower. And now it’s your turn, to see them Instagram photos –

Here are some of my photos from Paris, from last to last decade. The hashtags attached will give you new views of Paris – so check them out as well!

The top of the Eiffel tower

Arc de Triomphe

Church of Sacre Coeur

Glass art of the Cathédral of Notre Dame de Paris

Museum of d’Orsay

Short video of the Garden of Luxembourg

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Good Indian restaurant in the Tripla shopping mall in Helsinki

An excellent Indian restaurant Deli Rasoi has been opened in the new Tripla shopping center.

The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the mall, a little off the beaten track, but easy to find with the mall’s signpost.

Deli Rasoi restaurant interior

The smaller entrance leads to a large dining room with even larger view from the windows up to the the Hartwall Arena and the starry sky.

I went to Deli Rasoi restaurant one Sunday evening, when there were not many customers even in the Tripla Shopping Center itself. The atmosphere in the restaurant was comfortably peaceful.

Deli Rasoi Kadhai Paneer

The restaurant’s menu included starters such as pakoras and samosas, tandoor ovens delicacies such as Chicken and Paneer Tikka, and fish dishes included eg. Fish Madras and Fish Tikka and vegetarian dishes were among others Aloo Gobhi, Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer and Malai Kofta.

Most foods were also labeled with G and L, ie lactose-free and gluten-free, and all the dishes included rice and naan bread, and the price was according to that.

In addition they had vegetable thali and meat thali with three servings and they came with naan bread, rice, raita, salad and dessert.

Deli Rasoi Kadhai Paneer

I chose Deli Rasoi Kadhai Paneer for myself, which included fresh cottage cheese pieces in a tomato sauce seasoned with bell peppers, onion, cumin seeds and coriander.

The portion was brought to the table within a reasonable time, and it had large chilli pieces which immediately brought water to the tongue. The chilis in Kadhai Paneer were no decorations – the dose was nice and spicy – just the kind of I’ve eaten for example in Delhi, India. However, not so hot that one has to leave the dose on the plate, as in Jaipur.

Naan bread was also delicious and so was rice. The mango lassi was having a bit too much of a yogurt taste, but on the whole Deli Rasoi Kadhai Paneer was a very fine meal.

My companion had Shahi Paneer, which surprised me with its light color and mild taste, but that’s how it has always been in Finland, that Shahi Paneer is the safe option.

Deli Rasoi and Shahi Paneer

The restaurant Deli Rasoi decoration was modestly stylish and it reminded one about India only with the menu and the welcoming message written on the wall in Hindi. If there is something to be improved, it is the amount of light which could perhaps be slightly increased, unless the intension was to be with mere ambient light at the night time.

Restaurant Deli Rasoi in the Tripla Mall

If you ask me, would I go to eat in the Deli Rasoi in Tripla Shopping Mall again, the answer is yes, and preferably on a warm summer evening, when the restaurant will hopefully have outdoor tables for admiring the starry sky and the Pasila train tracks.

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