Prangli – a paradise island in Estonia

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Today’s video tells about a sightseeing truck drive on the Estonian island of Prangli. Prangli is one of the three islands off the coast of Tallinn and the closest of them to the city.

Prangli Island (6.44 km2) can be reached by Wranglö ferry, which departs from Leepneeme harbor and takes about an hour. Leepneeme port is located, in turn, within a half an hour drive from Tallinn.

From the center of Tallinn, bus 1A runs to the center of Viimsi, which is like a small town, and with atmosphere like Espoo in Finland. From the center of Viimsi, a V1 local bus takes you to the small port of Leepneeme, from where the Wranglö ferry runs to the island two to three times a day during the summer. The return trip by ferry costs 12e. The clean interior of the ferry has comfortable seating and a TV, so if the weather does not allow you to sit on the deck, the trip will also go comfortably inside protected from the rain and wind.

Self-propelled boaters from Finland also visit Prangli island, as the distance is only about 70km. The self-employed hiker, on the other hand, can get to the port of Leepneeme from Tallinn by public transport, but the port can still be a bit difficult to reach for a budget traveler. A good option is to straighten the bends and go to Leepneeme either by taxi or just get a fully organized trip to Prangli, where the tour operators will take care of everything. On the Prangli Travels website you can find all the relevant information related to traveling in Prangli.

View from Kelnase harbor in Prangli island with Tallinn in the horizon
View from Kelnase harbor in Prangli island with Tallinn in the horizon

It’s good to realize, as you can see from the video – that even if the weather is as beautiful and sunny as possible, there can be a complete reversal in the sky to windy and rainy very quickly, which, of course, the weather forecast can mostly warn in advance.

What the attached video doesn’t tell you is that if your trip takes place outside the schedules on a smaller Helge boat that runs between the island and the coast on request, it’s good for the passenger to be prepared for numerous spiders, living and dead, and spider nests inside the boat. They can shocking to the townspeople unused to them.

The video also reveals that Prangli island has stunning, almost untouched nature in many places. Beautiful beaches, coastal meadows, handsome pine forests and lots of fresh sea air. You can rent a bicycle nearby the harbor and explore the island’s sights and nature, and stay overnight in either a camping tent or a sheltered cottage. I don’t know how many tourists visit the island during the summer, but at the beginning of September I saw only some thirty tourists, and the peace of nature was almost palpable. Prangli is not a mass tourism destination.

In case you decide to choose a guided truck trip with an old Soviet-era truck instead of a rental bike, you’ll get to hear funny stories about Prangli’s history, its over 600 years old culture, as well as its built sights such as the church, the two cemeteries and the source of natural gas, on the fire of which the hiker can even make coffee or toasted bread. In addition –

Note. The next paragraph includes a plot revelation - don’t read it in advance in case you’re planning to have a guided truck ride on the Prangli island -

The Prangli truck tour will take you to the sea without a warning. Yes, you read it right – by car to the sea. That is, after the ride in a beautiful forest, you will suddenly get to see the road leading directly to the sea and experience the driver just resolutely driving with you and your travel companion towards the waves of the sea. You will ride in the sea for a long time, and you won’t be even told for how long, how deep, or if that small Soviet-era truck can even pass in the middle of the water with a full load of passengers, or whether the passengers might have to jump down to push the truck to the shore before the tide comes in…

Some Prangli facts

The highest point of Prangli island is 8 meters above the sea level and it is a private area. A golden treasure of pirates is reportedly buried in the hill. Prangli island has a permanent population of about 70 and currently has 7 teachers and 5 students in its school. On the island you can find e.g. one shop and two restaurants, both with terraces located by the sea and the other one right in the harbor. In my experience, the restaurant located further away from the harbor, Saare resto, prepares very tasty salmon with veg and for dessert you can find e.g. a cake or a nice sweet and colorful sorbet. Both restaurants are open during the tourist season and by appointment.

Interesting fact from the Finnish point of view is that the stones of Prangli’s church, built in 1848, come from Sipoonranta, Finland, and that Prangli’s first Finnish tourist – that big post-glacial rock – is still in Prangli and you can see it too. A trip to Prangli island is a good adventurous alternative to a café tour in Tallinn, about which I wrote earlier this summer.

Here’s also a short video from Prangli, from INDIVUE IGTV.

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The Viking XPRS’s lunch buffet was eye-catching

Blog collaboration: The trip was sposored by Viking Line, Tallink | Silja Line, Eckerö Line, Visit Tallinn and Visit Estonia

The attached video tells about my trip to Tallinn, Estonia, this week. That trip was my first pr trip abroad as an independent blogger and a photographer, so I decided to celebrate this significant milestone by making the following rocking video about the trip from Helsinki to Tallinn

The trip by Viking XPRS ship started from Helsinki’s Katajanokka terminal, which is now easily accessible by tram number 5 from the stop next to the railway station in the center of Helsinki.

The Viking XPRS ship rumbles from Helsinki to Tallinn in two and a half hours, and although you can cover that length by sitting in a restaurant, your own cabin brings extra comfort to the trip, especially if there’s a lot of luggage. Or if you want to play safe with health issues during times or corona.

In terms of passenger safety regarding covid-19, the Viking XPRS ship was not crowded except when momentarily entering and leaving the ship. Disinfection points for hands were visible everywhere and passengers were reminded of safety intervals with floor stickers and announcements. In addition, many passengers wore face masks, most of them sat at a suitable distance from each other, and each buffet customer was given their own small instrument to pick up their food. The passenger felt safe and no quarantine was needed one way or the other. After all, Estonia is one of the few European countries from where one can currently travel to Finland without quarantine. The number of countries to and from which one can travel will increase slightly next Saturday, as the new rules set by the Finnish government will come into force.

Salad with apple, lingonberries, brie cheese and walnuts in Viking XPRS buffet lunch
Salad with apple, lingonberries, brie cheese and walnuts in Viking XPRS buffet lunch

The presentation of the buffet lunch on Viking XPRS was eye-catching and the beautiful rowan berries as decorations in-between the trays reminded me of the beginning of autumn. If the dose contained gluten or lactose, it was commendably clearly marked. For vegetarians, the buffet included e.g. crispy chickpea salad, apple-lingonberry-cheese salad with walnuts and potato salad with horseradish, cucumber, pickled onion and deep-fried onion. The deep-fried onion and the main portion of breaded broccoli were extremely tasty. And the seascapes by the window table just added more to the flavor.

Viking XPRS ship in Tallinn harbor
Viking XPRS ship in Tallinn harbor

The VIKING XPRS schedules in autumn 2020

Currently, M / S Viking XPRS operates between Helsinki and Tallinn on its normal schedule and departs from Helsinki daily at 10:30. In addition, the second departure is Mon-Sat at 20:30 and Sundays at 19:00. The ship departs from Tallinn to Helsinki daily at 7 am and also from Monday to Saturday at 5 pm. There are two more departures on Sundays, at 15:30 and 22:15, and all of these schedules are valid until the end of this year.

M / S Gabriella also operates between Helsinki and Tallinn, and a Harvest Festival cruise from Helsinki to Mariehamn will be organized on that ship on 18-20 September 2020, as well as a Christmas party and Christmas cruises to Åland.

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