Video of Qtub Minar in Delhi, India

Qtub Minar in one of the most visually interesting sights in Delhi, India, and one of them 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in India.

Here in this video you will see a peak of Qtub Minar and the surroundings and hear the real birds sing in India back in 2007, when I was there getting to know this sight with my camera and through photography. More recent videos of Qtub Minar most likely come for you to see about this same subject after you watch this short video of mine, so take a look!

In case you wish to see also other videos from India, find them from this Indivue vlog from India – It consists of short videos which are authentic scenes with authentic sounds from around India. You will find other UNESCO Worlds Heritage Sites from India there as well, like Fatehpur Sikri.

My digital painting inspired by Qtub Minar can be seen in this Instagram post above, if your browser supports that feature.

The hashtags there will open you an almost up-to-date photogallery on this same subject, so enjoy your visual adventure.

And if you wish to order this Qtub Minar digital painting as an art-postcard for yourself or to someone else in Finland, find the instructions here: INDIVUE!

Lotus Temple in Delhi, India, 2007, video

Lotus Temple in said to be one of the most visited sights in Delhi and the whole of India.

Here in this video you can see and hear people coming and going to the Lotus Temple, the architecture of which was inspired by the beautiful lotus flower itself. This video was made back in 2007, at a time, when consumer friendly digitalcameras were still in children’s shoes, like the saying goes.

You might also be interested in seeing other videos from India – Find them from Indivue vlog from India – Those videos are authentic scenes with authentic sounds from all around India. No acting, no playback music.

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Digital art inspired by New Delhi

This digital painting was inspired by the capital of India, New Delhi.

New Delhi offers many unique experiences for a tourist, about which you can read more in the Indivue article Best sights in New Delhi.

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Digital painting inspired by New Delhi, India, Indivue, NS2017