All the beaches in Goa in 1 minute (video)

It took 14 years to make this video All the beaches in Goa in just one minute. But that’s how it is when you live and blog both in Europe and in India.

Video of Baga Beach in, Goa, India

Baga Beach is next to Calangute Beach when walking towards North. During the tourist season Baga is the most happening beach with parties and the restaurants in Baga village like Mambo’s and Tito’s are also full of entertainment. Here in this video you can see and hear an ordinary afternoon in Baga Beach. After watchingContinue reading “Video of Baga Beach in, Goa, India”

All the beaches and hotels of Goa (updated 2020)

Photos and travel guides to all the beaches of Goa, India, with hotel and accommodation info