Some don’t know when to stop

Goa carnival was canceled this year, but apparently everybody did not get the news, although it was mentioned on the front page of the newspaper.

This I tell since yesterday in South Goa, after sunset when it was dim, a tourist family was coming away from the beach with a scooter, and suddenly huge amount of white powder was thrown on them from a motorcycle that drove against them. 
This powder gave a powerful blow directly on the woman’s neck who sat in the back of the scooter, blinding her for a while, shaking her and her child’s balance, and hurting her neck. Fortunately the powder did not blind the man who was driving the scooter. Inbetween them was a child sitting, who also survived unharmed, but was totally covered with the white flour, which was burning in the eyes a bit.
If the speed had been faster, the powder thrown on them would have dropped the passengers from the scooter. These wrongdoers, two male persons, the other one wearing a cap, were cowards and run away. One wasn’t able to catch them.
Thus a word of warning is in place, especially for tourists who don’t know the local customs of Goa and who can’t read this from a tourist guidebook, but also for local Goan people as well:
Some boys wish to have their own carnivals in Goa, which can endanger other peoples lives, by throwing powders from a moving vehicle. This carnival day was 21st of February 2012 and it was not Holi.

Viva Carnival in Goa

In the end of February Goa had a carneval for four days, Viva Carnaval.
You saw carnevalfloats on various days in Panjim, Calangute, Vasco and Mapusa. Pictures here are from Mapusa on Tuesday. This was fun to see – I shall recommend it!