Agra India

Art and traveltips for Agra

A beautiful scene from Agra, India, was the inspirer for this digital painting.

You know Taj Mahal, the most famous sight in India, is located in Agra,
and the river running behind Taj Mahal can be seen in this painting as well.

During the time, when this painting started, there was no fast highway from Delhi to Agra, like there is nowadays,
making the travelling there a lot more easier.
Taj Mahal indeed is an incredibly beautiful sight and definitely worth seeing. I myself would go there anytime again,
especially in the morning or evening hours.
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But back to the painting from Agra – The wheather in India that day, when this painting started, was sunny and dry and the daytime temperature was above 40 degrees. Coincidently, the artist’s temperature was also almost 40 degrees back then, but that didn’t stop her – she wanted to see Taj Mahal so she did it, because she might not have gotten another chance, at least anytime soon.
High temperatures combined with slow internet and the lack of proper equipment, technique and funding were the reasons why it took whole ten years for this painting to be made. Yes, the internet in India at that time was very very slow, and posting a mere fifty kilobyte picture to the internet took several tens of minutes.

But times they are a-changing – check out the instaimages from Agra now from here:

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Digital painting inspired by Agra, India


Art and traveltips for Oslo, Norway

Today I’m happy to introduce to you an INDIVUE digital painting inspired by Oslo, Norway.

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Indivue art inspired by Oslo