Fashion show in Goa, India

Fashion show in Goa, India This is a photoupdate for my posting from 2006, since photos from that time do not work well with all the latest features in blogs in 2012. In these photos you can see works of an Indian fashion designer Sanjana Jon, Miss Universum from 2006, Fashion TV and the AIDSContinue reading “Fashion show in Goa, India”

Indian woman’s clothing and streetfashion in India

    Indian woman’s diverse clothing and fashion on the streets and roads of India in the years 2007-2012. As the pictures show, the scale is from one side to another, and these photographs definitely don’t have it all, they are just giving you some kind of idea, since for example, in every Indian state every woman has the state’s own unique way to tie her sari. Somewhere in India sari is in turn replaced with a long skirt and blouse and in Goa Catholic women wear mostly dresses. Whereas in Karnataka some women wear clothing that reveals the back and shoulders, which elsewhere in India is covered with a dupatta. Continue reading “Indian woman’s clothing and streetfashion in India”