Mussoorie in India and 5 reasons to go there

Mussoorie is located high in the mountains in North India. Driving there make you feel dizzy, but here’s 5 reasons to go to Mussoorie anyway –

Sahakari Spice Farm in South Goa (video)

In Sahakari Spice Farm you can see growing, among others, green nature, flowers, pineapples, cashew nuts, pepper corns and other spices , coconuts and bananas in a tree – you can see those in this video attached as well. Bananas and pineapples growing are indeed a very exotic thing to see for a North European traveler, believe it or not. In addition you might also get to see an elephant and buy organic spices for yourself!

An Indian lunch as far as the peppercorn grows!

If you wish to have an Indian lunch as far as the peppercorn grows, then I would recommend Sahakari Spicefarm in Goa, India.

Sahakari Spicefarm is located in Ponda in South-Goa and it is very suitable a sight for a traveller, who wants to get to know Indian nature and Indian plants and spices.