Benaulim Beach, Goa (video preview)

Benaulim Beach, Goa, during sunset


Benaulim Beach is one of them most attractive beaches in South Goa, India, when it comes to being a tourist.

It is a beautiful and rather peaceful beach, child friendly, and mostly not too crowded. Located in-between Colva and Varca Beaches, there’s two main entrances to Benaulim Beach – one is through the restaurant and shop area and the other one is through the fishermen’s workplace where they dry their fish by the roadside. The latter one is more peaceful place with less beach shacks during holiday season.

This short video from Benaulim Beach was shot during sunset time in Hard Roque beach shack. Quality beach shacks in Goa are safe places to eat and dine. Many of them even have running water nowadays.

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Oheinen lyhytvideo on kuvattu paikan päällä Benaulim Beachilla Etelä-Goassa. Katsottuasi tämän lyhytvideon, saat nähdä myös muita Benaulimista ja Goasta kuvattuja videoita.

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Benaulim Beach, Goa, during sunset
Benaulim Beach, Goa, during sunset

Cabo de Rama Fort in South Goa – 360˚ video preview back in 2006

Cabo de Rama Fort is one of the best sights in South Goa, India. Way up on the hill takes a little bit effort but is worth every penny of your time.

This video of Cabo de Rama Fort was originally shot in the year 2006 and back in those days backpackers from Europe had to shoot 360-degree videos manually, or should I say organically – Well, whatever the case – see it for yourself and press the play button.

After watching this short video, you will get to see other videos from Cabo de Rama and the topics related. If you are interested in seeing lots of other videos I’ve shot into my Goa travel sketchbook, you can find them from the Real Goa Short Cut -video collection I’ve made in YouTube. Those videos will be authentic scenes with authentic sounds from Goa, India. You will really get the feeling. Remember to follow Indivue in YouTube as well!

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Yksi Etelä-Goan kauneimmista nähtävyyksistä on Cabo de Rama Fort -linnake, joka sijaitsee korkean kukkulan laella ja tarjoaa upeat näkymät Arabian merelle.

Katso oheinen vuonna 2006 kuvattu manuaalinen 360-asteen lyhytvideo Cabo de Ramasta ja lue lisää linnakkeesta suomeksi täällä.

Art and traveltips for Margao and Goa, India

Art inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India

This week, let me introduce to you an Indivue digital painting inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India.

Margao is the capital of South Goa, and in case you are plannin to travel there yourself, you might want to take a look at Indivue travel experiences from South Goa and see all the Goan beaches as well.

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Art inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India

Raj Baga Beach, Goa, India; 2015

Raj Baga Beach, Goa, India

Raj Baga Beach is a beautiful, rather small silent beach located in South-Goa, in-between Patnem Beach and Talpona Beach. When I visited there, I didn’t see any other tourists, just a few fishermen’s huts.

One fisherman there came by and offered me a boat ride along the nearby Talpona river, but otherwise there was no activity for tourists, except a golf course, which was arranged by the five star resort The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort, located on this beach, having hurdles around it. This resort seemed very suitable for a person longing for peace and quietness, and having a big bank account.

Accommodation cheaper than five stars I don’t recall seeing in Raj Baga Beach, but you will find it on the other Goan beaches, which I’ve written about in the linked article.


Raj Bagh Beach, South Goa, India

Raj Baga Beach on pieni, kaunis ja hiljainen ranta Etelä-Goassa, jolla sijaitsee paljon kalastajien hutteja sekä yksi viiden tähden hotelli.

Lue lisää Raj Baga Beachista täällä

ja tutustu myös Goan Matkaopukseen, josta löydät kaikki Goan rannat sekä paljon muita nähtävyyksiä!

The beautiful beaches of South Goa

Wanted to see all the beaches of Goa, India. It took me several years to accomplish that.
Here in this video you can see some of the beautiful beaches in South Goa, which indeed is a nice and peaceful place. Most of the time.
After this short video, more related videos will come – so enjoy the sceneries!
Oheisella videolla Etelä-Goan kauniita, silmiä hiveleviä uimarantoja!


Colomb Beach and Patnem Beach in Goa, India

Patnem and Colomb Beach, Goa, India

Patnem Beach is a nice small beach in South Goa. Very neat and clean in March 2015. Few beach shacks and sunbeds. Peaceful atmosphere. Within a short walking distance from Patnem Beach was the Colomb Beach, and in that shack there I had the best fresh salad in Goa during winter 2015. Can’t remember the name of the shack, but you can see the shack in Colomb Beach from the photo attached. The photo has been taken from Patnem Beach.

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Colomb Beach, Goa, India
Patnem and Colomb Beach, Goa, India 2015

Colomb Beach on pienen pieni ranta Etelä-Goassa, lähes kiinni Patnemin rannassa. Lue lisää Colomb Beachista suomeksi täällä!

Lisätietoa Patnem Beachista löydät tästä linkistä!

Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015

Talpona Beach is the third southernmost beach in Goa and there is not much tourism nor travellers on that beach, which makes it a very peaceful and quiet beach. It is located in-between Raj Baga Beach and Galgibaga Beach. See all the other Goan beaches in the article All the Goan beaches.

This Finnish article about all the Goan beaches, named Kaikki Goan rannathas got links to travel guides to all the Goan beaches. Take a look.

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Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015
Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015

Talpona Beach sijaitsee Etelä-Goassa Raj Baga Beachin ja Galgibaga Beachin välissä, eikä siellä ole juurikaan turismiaktiviteettia. Lue lisää Talpona Beachista suomeksi täällä!

Galgibaga Beach in Goa, India

Galgibaga Beach is practically the southernmost beach in Goa, India.
The beach is very beautiful, in a rather natural state and very silent,
and because of this peacefulness, turtles have chosen it for their nesting. Therefore there was not much commercial entertainment for tourist, at least when I visited.

While visiting Galgibaga Beach in March 2015 I saw only one egg of a turtle. Luckily it was protected by a manmade net.

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Galgibaga Beach in Goa, India, 2015
Galgibaga Beach, Goa, India, 2015


Galgibaga Beach on käytännössä Intian Goan eteläisin ranta, jonka jälkeen on enää Polem Beach ennen Karnatakan osavaltion rajaa.

Galgibaga Beach on erittäin kaunis, rauhallinen ja luonnonmukainen ranta, joka on käytössä kilpikonnien pesimiseen. Turistiviihdykkeitä ei juurikaan ole.

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