Cabo de Rama Fort in South Goa – 360 video back in 2006

Cabo de Rama Fort is one of the best sights in South Goa, India. Way up on the hill takes a little bit effort but is worth every penny of your time.

This video of Cabo de Rama Fort was originally shot in the year 2006 and back in those days backpackers from Europe had to shoot 360-degree videos manually, or should I say organically – Well, whatever the case – see it for yourself and press the play button.

After watching this short video, you will get to see other videos from Cabo de Rama and the topics related. If you are interested in seeing lots of other videos I’ve shot into my Goa travel sketchbook, you can find them from the Real Goa Short Cut -video collection I’ve made in YouTube. Those videos will be authentic scenes with authentic sounds from Goa, India. You will really get the feeling. Remember to follow Indivue in YouTube as well!

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Marina Beach in Chennai on video

Today let me introduce to you this scene I captured while travelling the East Coast of India – the Marina Beach in Chennai. The waves hitting the Marina Beach were actually often a lot more rougher than what I’ve experienced in the West coast of India – check for a comparison the video from the West Coast of India and Cavelossim Beach in Goa.

Marina Beach was not suitable for swimming, but otherwise very photogenic, especially when crowded.

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Allthough Chennai is very well known for its own film industry, Tamil cinema, which is also known as Kollywood, there was also one nice Bollywood movie shot there, which is Chennai Express, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.
Back in 2013 when this Chennai Express movie was originally released, it was also seen in theatres in Finland. Indivue reviewed the movie Chennai Express in Finnish here.

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Travel Opus to Goa

Indivue has been making this unique, first of its kind, Travel Opus to Goa, telling you about travelling in Goa, India, in web since 2005, both in Finnish and in English, and in websites like and as well as through various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In addition to texts, reviews and presentations, you can find genuine photographs and videos and artworks related to Goa, India, travelling, arts and culture from this Indivue’s interactive Travel Opus to Goa – Matkaopus Goaan, which in 2017 is 12 years old, and regularly updated.

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Travel Opus to Goa - Matkaopus Goaan