5 random scenes from Amsterdam

By the river in Amsterdam

Here’s some 5 random scenes from Amsterdam. These photos have been taken with an unusual method, which will explain any distortion met.

The first image is about the famous I amsterdam -letters. Many tourists go and have a photo with them. Those letters are located by a big park rather near the Vincent Van Gogh -museum, which is where the second photograph is from.

The third image is some random street from Amsterdam. What interested me in this view was the zebra crossing painted on the road. It is very different from those we have in Finland.

The fourth image is about Amsterdam train station, which is a big and beautiful reddish colour building. Right across the road you will find a tourist information bureau.

The fifth scene is from some channel by which exceptionally beautiful and prestige houses had been built. Since it was early autumn, some yellow can be seen in the trees nearby.

I Amsterdam and tourists
I Amsterdam and tourists
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
By the river in Amsterdam
By the water in Amsterdam

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5 random scenes from Barcelona

Here’s some 5 random scenes from Barcelona. These photos have been taken with an unusual method, which will explain any distortion met.

The first image is a view from Park Quell in Barcelona, which is a famous park designed by Gaudi. It is located on a high hill but the hill in this picture is Tibidabo, and that is even more higher, some 512m. On Tibidabo there is a fun park and a church to experience in addition to the magnificent views over Barcelona.

The second image is the other end of the Barcelona beach, on a cloudy day with hardly any people. The third image is also from the same Barceloneta beach on the same cloudy day.

The fourth image captured people by the sea, near the harbour and the Maritime Museum.

The fifth and the last image is another view from Park Guell. It is the beautiful view facing the rooftops of the Barcelona city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Tibidabo on the hill; view from Park Quell, Barcelona
Tibidabo on the hill; view from Park Quell, Barcelona
Barceloneta beach
Cloudy day on Barceloneta beach
Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach
Near Maritime Museum, Barcelona
Near Maritime Museum, Barcelona
View from Park Quell, Barcelona
View from Park Quell, Barcelona

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Best of Copenhagen -video

As a latest update for INDIVUE’s Travel Opus to Europe comes this video Best of 10 from Copenhagen. It tells you about the best sights to see in Copenhagen for a traveller, and those sights include Rosenborgs castle, Christiansborgs Palace, Nyhavn and the statue of the Little Mermaid, among others.

The video consists of beautiful images, many of which you’ve never seen before.

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Helsinki Book Fair 2018

In the Helsinki Book Fair stages like Waltari and Eino Leino, which were named after the famous Finnish authors, are now a thing of the past. This year 2018 the Book Fair introduced us various stages for authors and other performers having names according to the actual neighborhoods of Helsinki.

Here below you can see the neighborhoods from the Helsinki Book Fair 2018. The event will still be happening today Sunday 28.10.2018 in the Fair Centre in Pasila. The theme country of this year is the United States of America, with authors like Jennifer Clement, Patricia Lockwood and Cecilia Samartin visiting the Book Fair in Helsinki.

After the Book Fair, the life of these participating stages will continue also in Twitter – open the links below to read more about them:

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Helsinki Book Fair 2018
Helsinki Book Fair 2018

Best of Oslo sights -video

Talking about the Travel Opus to Europe, Oslo in Norway is one of them very essential places to visit in Europe. Although it is in many ways very similar to the neighbouring capitals Stockholm and Copenhagen, it still has its own, kind of royal feel to it. The small size of Oslo is also charming.

The good thing is that, although Norway does not belong to EU, it was still very smooth and uncomplicated to travel between Helsinki and Oslo by air.

Here are the 10 must see sights of Oslo in a short video. Images by Indivue.


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Best of Parisian sights -video

After updating the computer to a better one I’m able to update certain Indivue videos and vlogging from the past as well.

So, today’s videoupdate is the Best sights of Paris, about which I wrote some 2 years back.



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Digital art inspired by Barcelona

Travelling broadens your mind and helps you see things differently.

As an example of that, here is some digital art, inspired by Barcelona, exhibiting now in Instagram.

You can follow this Finnish artist here:


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Digital graphics inspired by Helsinki exhibiting now

New digital graphics, inspired by Helsinki and other cities, exhibiting now in Instagram – follow it up here: https://www.instagram.com/noora_saarinen