Angry birds’ kama

Angry looking bird
I must admit I’ve never played Angry Birds. I have not even tried, although even my friend was offering me his iPhone to play with.
I’ve been just wondering on my own why, in addition to all the existing angerparticles, more of them needs to be made into this world. –
Could it be so that the playing of games tries to replace some sort of meditation or yoga, or maybe a trance, which might make you feel good?
Whatever is the case, if that Angry Birds -game keeps them angry youngsters away from doing evil, then it’s ok. On that condition I’ll bare with the daily angry-talk in massmedia, instead of listening them lovebirds.
In India, by the way, they have developed their own version of that game – that game was called Angry Brides, and it was a protest for dowries, which some Indian people still require from someone in order to get married.
Why do you think that is?
Well, I was watching birds in India for a few months, among other things, and I got to see and hear only cooing pigeons, chirrupping kingfishers and other small twittering birds in addition to crowing crows and even the migrant bird, which beautifully sings in Finland during the summer evenings. I saw only this, until finally, after several weeks, I got to see some really angry birds in action.
Those angry birds were not those birds in the photo attached below, like you might have thought. I was able to shoot those birds with my camera, when the neighbour’s pigeons, which were cooing almost daily, got into a real lovefight once. And I’m telling you, that show beat up even Bollywood and the famous kiss Richard Gere gave for Shilpa Shetty.
The other angry bird mentioned was a neighbouring owl, which dared once to come out in the open during the daylight. That time I managed to get a photo of it sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down at the world with a very angry and judging look on it’s face. It was such a small bird and with such a fierce gaze, that you could not have imagined, based on its sound.  
That time was the only time I saw this bird. Otherwise it used to only hoot hoarsely in the evenings, after the darkness had come, and that way reported its existence somewhere. Owl, eagle or hawk – can’t really make it out of the photo afterwards.
The even more angry bird I saw was a black crowmother, which one day was protecting its babies, when hungry eagles were roaming around above its nest. That anger and that rage, with which that small crow attacked the big eagle and drove it away –
There was that something.
And I was left thinking, how well that crow, armed naturally, was defending its family,
though for sure no dowries were needed to build up their nest, and on the other hand, where do people need those dowries then.
Pigeons kissing in India
Pigeons kissing in India


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