Shamitabh takes Finland to Bollywood!

A reliable source has confirmed, as I was guessing in the previous post, that Finland is getting to the Bollywood’s map of the world –

The movie Shamitabh, directed by R. Balki, has indeed been partly shot in Finland, more specifically in Lapland and Helsinki, and the movie will be starring Dhanush, whom we know from Kollywood.

Now the shooting of Shamitabh in Finland has already been completed, and Amitabh Bachchan himself came, at least some days ago, as near as England to shoot this movie. So now Indivue shall wait, with a big interest, for the movie Shamitabh to get ready –

It will indeed be exciting to see how Finland will, after all, show herself in that movie -The snowy landscapes of Lapland are already familiar for some Indians from tv – even I got to see one Christmas the interview of our own Santa in Korvatunturi, North of Finland, from an Indian tv-channel.

But what I can not believe is that it snowed in Lapland during the summer month of June when they were shooting Shamitabh there – but that’s what the article in Indian Express claims – Imagine that never-ending sunshine together with snowing – how lovely, if that’s what we’ll see!


Update: Indivue saw the Shamitabh movie theatre premiere in India – find the review and other articles about the Shamitabh premiere in Finnish here!





  1. Luin että työryhmä oli täällä kaikkiaan 10 päivää. Osa kohtauksista kuvattiin pääkaupunkiseudulla ja osaa Lapissa. Itse olin mukana muutaman päivän ajan Helsingin kuvauksissa.

  2. Hei Reetta, ymmärsinkö oikein, että blogiisi on tulossa juttua kuvauksista?

    Mukavinta tässä kaikessa lienee se tosiasia, että tätä nykyä jopa Suomessa tai Helsingissä voi siis yllättäen törmätä vaikkapa Shah Rukh Khaniin tai Ranveer Singhiin keskellä kirkasta päivää!

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