Best of the Parisian sights (video)

View from Eiffel Tower in Paris

Today’s videoupdate will be the Best of Parisian sights, about which I wrote some 2 years back. Not that the Best sights of Paris would have changed during these years. Here you go –

After watching this short video Sightseeing Paris you can watch other creative videos inspired by Europe as well –

Travel & Art Europe is a one of the INDIVUE video playlists in YouTube and you can see all the videos in the link.

You might also be interested in what it looks like to travel all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Find that experience from the preceding link!

This video about the best sights in Paris is part of the INDIVUE – Trip to Europe, which you can read in Finnish as well.

Take your time and entertain yourself with the European travel experiences!

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