5 random scenes from Barcelona

The roofs of Barcelona

Here’s some 5 random scenes from Barcelona. These photos have been taken with an unusual method, which will explain any distortion met.

The first image is a view from Park Quell in Barcelona, which is a famous park designed by Gaudi. It is located on a high hill but the hill in this picture is Tibidabo, and that is even more higher, some 512m. On Tibidabo there is a fun park and a church to experience in addition to the magnificent views over Barcelona.

The second image is the other end of the Barcelona beach, on a cloudy day with hardly any people. The third image is also from the same Barceloneta beach on the same cloudy day.

The fourth image captured people by the sea, near the harbour and the Maritime Museum.

The fifth and the last image is another view from Park Guell. It is the beautiful view facing the rooftops of the Barcelona city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Tibidabo on the hill; view from Park Quell, Barcelona
Tibidabo on the hill; view from Park Quell, Barcelona
Barceloneta beach
Cloudy day on Barceloneta beach
Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach
Near Maritime Museum, Barcelona
Near Maritime Museum, Barcelona
View from Park Quell, Barcelona
View from Park Quell, Barcelona

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You can read about Barcelona also in Finnish.

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