5 random scenes from Berlin

Five random scenes from Berlin

Here’s some 5 random scenes from Berlin, Germany. These images have been photographed with an unusual method, which will explain any distortion met.

The first image is from the plaza near the Checkpoint Charlie. In the image you can see a museum or an exhibition hall presenting the story of the Berlin Wall. Near by this, on the other side of the road, was a free outdoor exhibition of the same subject.

The second image is from a grass field next to Alter museum in the Berlin Museum Island. The building in the middle is apparently a church. Behind it you can see the Berlin TV tower, Fehrnsehtum.

In the third image you can see among others the Concert Hall, Konzerthauz, of Berlin.

The fourth image takes you underground in Berlin, and the metro tunnel.

The fifth image is from the Sony Center, which is an architechturally fascinating experience especially in the evening time. There are also restaurants, museum and a movie theatre for a time pass.

Plaza near Checkpoint Charlie
Plaza near Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin Television Tower, Fernsehturm
Berlin Television Tower, Fernsehturm
Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
Metrotunnel, Berlin
Metrotunnel, Berlin
Sony Center, Berlin
Sony Center, Berlin

These were some 5 random scenes from Berlin and now you can read what else Indivue has blogged about Berlin and Europe as well.

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