Kleines Café in Vienna with my video reaction

Some 10 days back I published a video in YouTube indivuetv which I had filmed in Vienna, Austria. It was about the famous Kleines Café. What makes that café famous to me was the fact that it had been shown in the lovely film called Before Sunrise, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. And now it’s time to tell my reaction to the video.

Video duration: 1:18

Kleines Café in Vienna

Yes, you read it right. My reaction to my video. In YouTube it is very popular to take somebody else’s video or a movie trailer and then film it again with your own facial reactions and publish that. But how about making your own video and then show your own reactions to that?

So 10 days have gone since the publishing and I think it’s enough time to reflect back to what I’ve done. This 1:18 minutes long video has gotten 39 views by now says Google. That’s a little sad, considering how much time and energy I had put in this video – I mean – in addition to filming and editing and publishing, I had first waited for 3 years to go to Vienna, shifting my original flights year after year because of corona restrictions. Then finally in June 2022 I am in Vienna and after a long day in an art museum I walk in the Viennese streets aimlessly and suddenly from around the corner this beautiful color green Kleines Café jumps in.

And that’s how the video starts, focusing on the Kleines Café’s greenish facade. It is warm summer evening and the terrace is full of customers. My first reaction was like oh no, will I get a seat, but the next thing the video shows, there’s many seats inside the café. The café which had suddenly started to look like a pub to me. I hesitated to go in because I was not after cooling beer like the customers sitting outside, but when the busy waiter brought the menu, I dared to stay.

The movie Before Sunrise is a must see for every young traveller from the mid ’90s. It has a scene where the lead actors, Parisian girl and American boy, who had met in a train, sit in the terrace of this Kleines Café. In the scene it is late night and dark, and a funny fortune teller pops in from somewhere to read her (Julie Delpy’s) palm. But the film never took you inside the Kleines Café in Vienna. Like my video does now.

So the video began with the terrace and then the first look inside to this cafe. Then comes in the menu and from there you can see the famous Viennese sachertorte, sachkercake, (4,2e) which you will see in this video later on. But before that, the video reminds you that Kleines Café has been working since 1970. The café was older than me! Respect. But the next thing you see is the back of chairs which look really worn-out. Makes you wonder could they also be 52 year old chairs…

The video starts showing you spice grinders on the tables, which would not be common in a bar. The music in this cozy café, which you of course can’t hear, was good old rock songs played. And that brings me to the background music in this video – Yes, I admit, it is not very good, but it was the best free music I could find for this video.

After spice grinders we get to see outside from the table where I sat, the newspapers hanging by the door, and a little bit more of the café interior with the liquor bottles. This was while waiting for the sandwiches and the sachkercake and the nonalcoholic drink. The sachkercake comes with cream foam and you can see the chocolate shining and glimmering on top of the cake. I must say it was the best sachkercake I had in Vienna. And Vienna is famous for its sachkercake.

Allthough the video feasts with the cake from many angles, I don’t think it can tell you how delicious that cake really was. I mean, it was really awesome. Or was it just the long day in the museum? I don’t think so. And what about the sandwiches then, you might think? Rye bread with fresh cheese and tomato and chives and rye bread with fresh cheese, camembert cheese and chives. Well, they were also nice, especially the tomato sandwich. They had cut it nicely so that it was easy to eat. See that also in the video.

In the end the video points out to the half-extinguished lightbulbs as if hinting that the video is almost done. And finally it gives a last glimpse to the street sign saying Franziskanerplatz – the street by which I found Kleines Café.

Having been to that café myself, I think this one minute video portrayed the café well enough, without being too commercial or music video-like with fast flashing images. And considering the modest equipment I had for making this, it was ok.

What do you think about this video? Have you been to Kleines Café yourself? What would you recommend?

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