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Europe is a captivating continent, steeped in history and culture, and renowned for its stunning natural beauty. From the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean and the cool lakes of Finland, Europe offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a foodie, or an adrenaline junkie, there’s a European destination that will suit your interests and desires. In this travel guide, I will explore some of the most popular and lesser-known destinations in Europe, providing you with information on what to see, do, and eat in each place. Get ready to pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Europe!

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Some of the world’s most vibrant and historic capital cities can be found in Europe. Each capital offers a unique blend of culture, history, architecture, and entertainment, making them popular destinations for both tourists and locals alike. Here are a few of the most famous European capitals:

  1. Paris, France – Known as the City of Love, Paris is famous for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. It’s also renowned for its fashion, cuisine, and café culture.
  2. London, England – A hub of business and culture, London is home to some of the world’s most famous museums and galleries, as well as historic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.
  3. Berlin, Germany – Once divided by the Berlin Wall, today Berlin is a thriving city with a rich cultural scene and a fascinating history. Visitors can explore the remnants of the wall, visit the Brandenburg Gate, and sample the city’s vibrant nightlife.
  4. Madrid, Spain – Madrid is the capital of Spain and is known for its rich history, art, and culture. Visitors can explore its many museums, including the Prado Museum, and sample the local cuisine in its many taverns and bars.
  5. Rome, Italy – The Eternal City, Rome, is famous for its ancient ruins, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon. It’s also known for its Vatican City, home to the Pope and the stunning St. Peter’s Basilica.

These are just a few of the many captivating capital cities in Europe, each with its own unique personality and charm. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a city break, Europe’s capitals have something for everyone. Read more about European capitals and other cities and sights next –

Canal in Amsterdam
Canal in Amsterdam



Amsterdam is one of the most amazing cities in Europe and the capital and most-populous city of the Netherlands. Whether you’re going there to visit, live or just sightseeing, you will find a lot to see and do there. This city of 900,000 is not only iconic for its canals but also for the picturesque houses along them, exciting festivals and much more. The city houses a large number of historic buildings and important works of art. As Amsterdam has a lot to offer to tourists and travelers I wanted to share some of its best sights with you! Read from below –

Inspired by Netherlands, videos by me
Tibidabo hill in Barcelona
Tibidabo hill in Barcelona


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. It is a sophisticated, modern metropolis with a rich heritage that has helped make it the vibrant city it is today. The beautiful Gothic Quarter is filled with shops and restaurants, and many of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks such as La Rambla are within close reach. With so much to see and do, Barcelona makes also a great base from which to explore the rest of Catalonia’s famous beaches, mountains and vineyards. It is an amazing city to visit. You can enjoy the beaches, cultural sites and leisure activities. Read and see more traveling in Barcelona here –

Inspired by Spain, videos by me


Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
Potsdamer Platz in Berlin


Berlin is the capital of Germany and a major European city. It has a vibrant cultural life, excellent public transportation and a remarkably rich history. Berlin is a beautiful city and I recommend you to explore all that Berlin has to offer from the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag to Museum Island, the Tiergarten, and Alexanderplatz. If you are looking for the ultimate European city break, Berlin is a place not to be missed. Its museums and galleries, incredible architecture and some of Europe’s best restaurants are just a few of the reasons why I have visited Berlin more than once. Read and see more about Berlin here –

Inspired by Germany, videos by me


The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen


Visiting Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, gives you an experience of the Scandinavian lifestyle and culture while taking in some of the best sights, activities and cuisine Denmark has to offer. In a city that is full of interesting architecture, jaw-dropping museums and galleries and incredible street food and sandwiches, you’ll love discovering Copenhagen like a local. Immerse yourself in nature and architecture at the striking Tivoli Gardens, visit the famous Little Mermaid statue, or explore the city by canal cruise and you will love this dynamic and safe city known for its many opportunities and hygge. Learn more about this vibrant Danish city in my blog –

Inspired by Denmark, videos by me

The old city in Gdansk
The old city in Gdansk


Gdansk is a beautiful city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. It is known for its beaches as well as rich cultural heritage. Whether it’s just roaming around and admiring the architecture and shops selling amber jewelry, you will find yourself immersed in a colourful history. Gdansk is located on the Baltic coast, conveniently only a couple of hours drive from Berlin and Warsaw. The old city center of Gdansk and its streets lined with colorful houses provide a nice seaside promenade. Read and see what else can be found from Gdansk –

Inspired by Poland, videos by me

Helsinki's market square
Helsinki’s market square


Helsinki is the capital of Finland and one of the world’s northernmost capitals. It is a compact city with a good public transport, clean streets, plenty of green parks and safe surroundings. It is also home to museums and galleries that showcase a rich artistic heritage. Helsinki being the largest city of Finland, it is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, in the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland, on the shoreline of the Baltic Sea. As that it is a great gateway to exploring Scandinavia, as this city combines a grand old architecture with modern design and a lively music scene with both heavy metal and jazz. Whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find something that suits you. You can reach Helsinki by air, by the sea and by the road, and as an inspiring detail it should be mentioned that the train to Korvatunturi, Santa’s residence in Lapland, leaves from the train station right from the center of Helsinki. Read more about things to see and experience in Helsinki here –





Inspired by Finland, videos by me


Mariehamn is the capital of Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland. It is a small, charming and peaceful town, and perfect for a relaxed holiday. Traveling to Mariehamn is convenient as it has a ferry service from Sweden and Finland. Once you arrive, you can explore the town on foot as it is small and compact. One can also take a bike ride around the islands, visit the beautiful parks and gardens, such as the Botanical Garden, or simply relax on the sandy beaches. The Åland Archipelago has over 6,000 islands, making it a great destination for island-hopping and outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Mariehamn itself is a great destination for a peaceful holiday surrounded by stunning nature, and perfect for those who love outdoor activities. It is a tourist destination that offers also a range of dining options about which you can read more in this guide –

Inspired by Åland, videos by me


Vigeland  park in Oslo
Vigeland park in Oslo


Oslo is the capital city of Norway and is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and lively atmosphere. One of the most popular attractions in Oslo is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, featuring over 200 bronze, granite, and cast iron sculptures. The park is set amidst lush greenery and provides a peaceful and idyllic setting for visitors to relax and take in the stunning artwork. For those interested in history, the Akershus Fortress is a must-visit. This medieval castle, built in the 1300s, provides an insight into Norway’s rich military history and offers breathtaking views of the city. Visitors can also enjoy the vibrant street life and bustling cafes of the city center. Read and see more from my visual guide to Oslo –

Inspired by Norway, videos by me

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Eiffel Tower in Paris


Paris is a top destination for traveling and sightseeing. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the shops along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris has something nice to offer for everyone. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other or with friends and family, Paris will not disappoint you! Being the capital of France, it is home to some of the most renowned art in the world with some of Paris’s main attractions being The Louvre and Centre Georges Pompidou. On top of offering an abundance of cultural experiences, Paris also provides its travelers with remarkable culinary delights that no other city can compete with. Read more and see my videos here –

Inspired by France, videos by me

Prague city view next to Petrin Hill
Prague city view next to Petrin Hill


Travelers visiting Prague can take in various museums to learn more about the city’s history as well as discover Prague’s famous castles and find plenty of opportunities to experience a range of distinctive cuisine. Prague has many dining options that offer hearty Czech cuisine as well as international options. The city will captivate any visitor, offering amazing sightseeing opportunities as you wander through narrow cobblestone streets over Prague’s most famous bridges. Prague also offers plenty of diversity in its accommodations from luxury resorts to cozy hostels, creating an atmosphere bound to evoke a feeling of adventure around every corner regardless of budget. Check my restaurant and sight recommendations for Prague here –

Inspired by Czech, videos by me

Riga, the old city and the river Daugava
Riga, the old city and the river Daugava


Riga is a beautiful Latvian city that has something to offer for everyone – visitors can explore churches, world heritage sites and an abundance of museums before taking a break at one of Riga’s vibrant markets or boutiques. Riga is not only well-known for its fantastic sightseeing but also for its impressive architecture. It also boasts diverse cafes serving traditional local cuisine that must be experienced on any trip there – check my café recommendations for Riga and other travel tips –

Inspired by Latvia, videos by me

Arch of Constantine
Arch of Constantine


Rome is a city of grandeur, history and beauty. It is and ideal travel destination because it provides the best of both relaxation and sightseeing. Visitors to Rome will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of ancient Rome or take a leisurely stroll through Rome’s vibrant piazzas. Rome also offers plenty of iconic sights like The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. Some may even decide to take advantage of Rome’s convenient location by planning day trips to nearby picturesque towns. From indulging in delicious Italian cuisine to shopping in chic boutiques, Rome has something for everyone making it a perfect destination for travelers from all over the globe! Here’s what I experienced –

Inspired by Italy, videos by me

The Royal Palace in Stockholm
The Royal Palace in Stockholm



Stockholm is a popular travel destination for many, offering a variety of interesting sights. From Stockholm’s diverse cultural centers and picturesque parks to the Royal Court and Stockholm Palace, Stockholm beckons visitors to experience its captivating beauty. A range of cultural activities can be found, such as visiting the Nobel Museum or sampling some traditional Swedish cuisine. The capital of Sweden offers also intriguing shops and galleries, and tourists will find something to please every traveler with its unique atmosphere that is nearly impossible to duplicate. So if you’re looking for European charm with modern vibrancy, Stockholm has something for everyone in the family to enjoy, like several art galleries, museums, vibrant nightlife hotspots, shopping centers and lush parks. Read more and see my videos from Stockholm below!




Inspired by Sweden, videos by me

Tallinn's terraces
Tallinn’s terraces


Tallinn is a breath-taking travel destination on the Baltic Sea. Its old town is a maze of cobbled streets, winding alleys and grand medieval buildings that are well preserved. Tallinn’s many historical sights include churches, mansions and public squares that each have unique stories to tell of Tallinn’s past. Tallinn also offers visitors amazing shopping opportunities in its bustling open-air markets, modern malls and chic boutiques. Add to that Tallinn’s plethora of traditional restaurants, galleries and cafés and you have one of the most lovely travel destinations in Europe. See and read more about Tallinn cafés, hotels, restaurants and sights in my visual travel guide!



Inspired by Estonia, videos by me

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican
St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican


Vatican City is a truly incredible travel destination as it boasts some of the world’s most famous sights. There is no shortage of spectacular sites to explore and appreciate, whether it’s standing in awe at the Vatican chapels, admiring Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, or marveling at St. Peter’s Basilica and its ornate sculptures. Vatican City being the spiritual capital of the world has something for most type of travelers with its fascinating cultural and religious history, and it should definitely be included on any traveler’s itinerary when in Rome. See my long video from Vatican City –

Inspired by Vatican, videos by me

Vienna city view
Vienna city view


From Vienna’s majestic city center, to its charming districts, there are so many delightful sights to explore in the capital of Austria. From classic grand architecture and imperial sights such as the Vienna State Opera and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, to innovative modern galleries and museums like the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna has an abundance of attractions ranging from baroque palaces and beautiful gardens to Vienna’s traditional coffee houses. Do experience Vienna’s unique coffee house culture by sitting in one of Vienna’s many traditional venues surrounded by generations of Austrians. Take a stroll around Vienna’s old town and explore Vienna’s unique past and vibrant present, or explore the city with local gastronomic delights or nature-lover walks in one of Vienna’s many riverside parks. On top of all this, Vienna is also home to music festivals! With so much to see, do and experience, Vienna is an ideal travel destination for a truly unforgettable holiday, definitely worth exploring. Read and see more about Vienna in my visual travel guide –

Inspired by Austria, videos by me

European countries and their capitals

Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Europe is home to 45 countries, each with its own unique history, culture, and capital city.

Here below is a list of all the European countries and their capitals. Links with capital letters will give you more information about the city or country.

Andorra la VellaAndorra
Athens Greece
Bratislava Slovakia
Bucharest Romania
Budapest Hungary
LondonUnited Kingdom
Luxembourg City 
Podgorica Montenegro
PRAGUECzech Republic
San Marino 
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vaduz Liechtenstein
Vilnius Lithuania


Members of the European Union

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 European countries located primarily in Europe. The EU was established with the aim of promoting peace, stability, and economic cooperation among its member states. The EU operates through a system of supranational institutions and intergovernmental negotiated decisions by the member states.

These following countries are the members of the European Union (1/2023). It means that these countries have ceded some of their sovereignty to the EU in exchange for the benefits of increased cooperation, trade, and security. The EU works to create a single market for goods and services and provides a platform for its members to make decisions on a range of issues, from environmental policy to foreign affairs. If a euro sign is mentioned, it means the country uses the euro currency. Common euro currency makes traveling in these countries a lot easier. The list has been updated in 1/2023.

Austria €Bulgaria
Belgium €Croatia
Cyprus €Czech Republic
Finland Poland
Greece € 
Hungary € 
Ireland € 
Lithuania € 
Luxembourg € 
Malta € 
Portugal € 
Slovakia € 
Slovenia € 


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