Trip to Finland

Trip to Finland

(Updated 11/2022)

Welcome to read INDIVUE – Trip to Finland! It is the latest item in my independent works related to travel. As I have been born and raised in Finland myself, I know pretty much about travel in Finland. This INDIVUE – Trip to Finland is based on my own travel experiences, photos and videos.

INDIVUE – Trip to Finland -collection has links to blog posts related to Finland. You will see photographs and videos with both travel tips and informative art to enjoy.

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Enjoy this virtual trip!


Nuuksio national park
Restaurant: Paven in Pentala island


(video) Helsinki Biennial 2021
Museum: Amos Rex art museum
Museum: Finnish Museum of Photographic Art
(video) Café: Cafe Biitsi
(video) Café: Cat Cafe
Café: Esplanad
Café: Gasm
(video) Café: Ice-cream rickshaw in Helsinki
(video) Café: Kampela
Café: Lasipalatsin laituri
(video) Café: Monami Beach House
Café: Taideterassi
Café: Torpanranta
(video) Café: Café Ursula
Helsinki Book Fair at Fair Center
Helsinki Design week
Helsinki summer
(video) Restaurant: Food Market
Restaurant: Indian restaurant Deli Rasoi
(video) Restaurant: Indian restaurant Tandoori Villa
(video) Restaurant: Nepalese restaurant Everest
(video) Restaurant: Oscar’s Bar
(video) Restaurant: Skutta
(video) Restaurant: Tavern Vaelsa
(video) Restaurant: Thai Vegan Kitchen
Restaurant: The South Indian
Cherry park
(video) Gandhi statue in Helsinki
Helsinki centre
Oodi library
The most beautiful neighborhood in Finland 2017
(video) Vuosaarenhuippu
Vuosaari beaches
Walk on the sea
Helsinki metrostations
Helsinki in English
Helsinki in Finnish
Videos inspired by Helsinki


Kuusamo and Ruka
Kuusamo hills


(video) Restaurant: Impivaara Grill


(video) Café: Ani’s Café
(video) Restaurant: Nepalese restaurant Khukuri
(video) Restaurant: Zum Beispiel


(video) Café: Nooa Café
(video) Electric bicycle rickshaw ride in Turku
(video) Café: Italian ice-cream in Turku


Beer making in Åland
Hotel: Arkipelag
(video) Ship from Åland to Finland
Ship to Åland and back
Restaurant: Good restaurants in Mariehamn
Videos inspired by Åland
Åland in English
Åland in Finnish
Videos inspired by Åland
Demo Exhibition
Flight: From Barcelona to Helsinki
Flight: From Delhi to Helsinki
Flight: From Helsinki to Barcelona
Flight: From Helsinki to Riga
Flight: From Oslo to Helsinki
Midsummer sunset at 23:11
Ship: Christmas cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm
Ship: Christmas cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki
Ship: Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki cruise
Ship: M/S Star from Helsinki to Tallinn
Ship: Viking XPRS from Helsinki to Tallinn
Ship: M/S Gabriella from Stockholm to Helsinki
Videos inspired by Finland

INDIVUE – Trip to Finland

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