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(Updated 12/2022)

Welcome to read INDIVUE – Trip to Finland! It is the latest item in my independent works related to travel. As I have been born and raised in Finland myself, I know pretty much about travel in Finland, especially Helsinki, the capital. This visual travel guide INDIVUE – Trip to Finland is based on my own travel experiences, photos and videos.

INDIVUE – Trip to Finland -collection has links to blog posts related to Finland. You will see photographs and videos with both travel tips and informative art to enjoy.

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Finland has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own lovely characteristics, but summer is usually the best and warmest time to visit Finland, if you want to play it safe.

Finland has beautiful clean nature and it is over all a beautiful country. This visual guide will give you an overview of some of the popular places to visit in Finland.

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Beach in Alavus Finland
Beach in Alavus


Alavus is a small town in Southern Ostrobothnia and it is often called the gate of the vastness, because the low landscapes without high hills start from that region.

Forest and pond, nature in Espoo
Nature in Espoo


Espoo is among the largest cities in Finland and it is located next to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Espoo belongs to the capital region and you can reach various parts of Espoo by metro, train or a bus from Helsinki centre. Metro connection to Espoo is relatively new, the newest metro stops being added in 12/2022 only. The population of Espoo is some 300000 people. You can find lot of beautiful nature in Espoo to visit, but also some museums and theatre and shopping malls and such. Espoo is also a great place to live if you love nature. Discover some of its most beautiful places!

Fiskars village and the pond
Pond in the Fiskars village


Fiskars village is both a residential area and a nature- and art-focused tourist attraction in the city of Raseborg, Raasepori.

Suomenlinna island in Helsinki
Suomenlinna island in Helsinki


Helsinki is the capital of Finland with over 650000 habitants. My Helsinki travel guide will tell you more than 10 essential things to do in Helsinki, Finland, and even more will be we added later on, so do come and check the updates regularly.

Videos from Helsinki, inspired by Helsinki

Inkoo harbour
Inkoo harbour


Inkoo is located in the Southern coast of Finland and has a beautiful small harbour.

Kuusamo, Finland, during ruska time in autumn
Kuusamo during ruska time in autumn


Kuusamo is a town located in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. It has a famous ski slope and being there feels like being in Lapland. You can see reindeer running free in the wild. Kuusamo has an airport.

Strömfors in Loviisa
Strömfors in Loviisa


Loviisa is a small town with some 15000 habitants in the Southern coast of Finland. It has got lots of beautiful color wooden houses and in it’s municipality also other beautiful sights like Strömfors Iron Mill.

Field in Nurmijärvi
Field in Nurmijärvi


Nurmijärvi is the most populated municipality in Finland and it is located within an easy reach by bus from Helsinki centre, approximately 35 minutes. It is sharing border with Espoo and Vantaa cities. Nurmijärvi does not really have tourist destinations but it is known from the fact that the Finnish national author used to live there, and you can still see his house.

Old Porvoo by the river


Porvoo is a beautiful city located some some 50km east from the centre of Helsinki. The old city of Porvoo is a famous tourist destination in Finland.

Aurajoki river in Turku
Aurajoki river in Turku


Turku is the oldest city in Finland and it is located on the southwest coast by the Aura river. It is also the former capital city of Finland, before Helsinki.

Tikkurila center in Vantaa, Finland
Tikkurila center in Vantaa


Vantaa is a former rural municipality of Helsinki, and now its own city. It is considered as part of the capital region. Vantaa is home to Finland’s largest and most important airport, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are good public transport connections from Vantaa to the center of Helsinki by train and bus.

Verla village has hot a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Verla village has got a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Verla is a village in Kouvola and popular with summer cottage tourists. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Finland is located in Verla.



Åland is an autonomous and demilitarized region and it is situated in an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Its official language is Swedish, which is the second official language of Finland, after Finnish. The capital of Åland is Mariehamn. Åland has beautiful nature and many touristic facilities and you can reach it by ship daily. Some 30000 people live in Åland. Read more from the storylinks below –

Videos from Åland, inspired by Åland
Videos from Finland, inspired by Finland

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