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Kundalini Airport

            In the end of Wednesday’s Anjuna Flea Market, Kundalini Airport, a band consisting of many nationalities, performs in one of the seaside restaurants. Good music and atmosphere, especially last week, when a guest star Scorpio from U.K. joined the group and rapped the message of peace. Advertisements


Full Moon Party

  Around the previous full moon time I was wondering, if there’s any full moon party, since those and other raves have not been much happening, and decided to go to Anjuna to check it out. On my way there I stopped at Mackies Saturday Night Market, which is a colourful and entertaining happening place […]


About the weather

Today, the maximum temperature 36,6 C, minimum temperature 19,3 C. Humidity 52%. No clouds in the sky. During the last three months here’s been raining only once, very lightly one night in November. Otherwise, it’s sunshine, sunshine. The holidayseason continues – If you’re about to come here and you’re wondering whether you should eat malariatabs […]


No more hangovers

In the beginning of February they are arranging a Spiritual Film Festival in Anjuna, and the program seems very interesting. I have, by the way, tested the Party Smart, of which I wrote in the beginning of this year. And this ayurvedic medicine really seems to be working – so, no more hangovers.



Who would have thought that a person allergic to milk and with a lactose intolerance would still get to enjoy cowmilkproducts, cheese and icecream, without any pain. I guess the cow is a holy animal here in India for a  real reason.. And it makes me wonder, what kind of a “poison” they are selling […]