Dona Paula, Panaji, Goa with videos

People and the statue in Dona Paula Panjim Goa

Panjim is the beautiful capital of Goa, India and Dona Paula is one of the main sights in Panjim, in addition to the church, Miramar Beach, shopping places, cruises and Sunaparanta.

Here in this music video inspired by Goa you can see the sceneries in and around Dona Paula in Panaji.

Dona Paula full 360°

In the next video you can see Dona Paula filmed in 360˚ degrees in the old way – it’s a short budget video that has actually been filmed some 10 years ago.

After watching this short video, you will get to see more videos about Dona Paula, Panaji, and things related, so be ready for anything more modern than 2006.

You might also be interested in seeing the Indivue video collection from Goa – Those videos are authentic scenes with mostly authentic sounds from Goa, India.

My web work INDIVUE – Trip to Goa will tell you more about Goa!

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