12 ways to travel in India (video)

Today let me introduce to you a video titled  12 ways to travel in India.

It took some ten years to shoot this video. The reason being that the scenes are from various parts of India: East, North and West of India, and I was actually living in Finland most of the time. The distance between India and Finland is some 6000 kilometers. But here it is now – 12 ways to travel in India, in just two minutes – a video inspiring and encouraging other travellers to try the Indian train, camel, horse, scooter, airplane, bicycle rickshaw and what else – see it for yourself!

During all this time I’ve been blogging in Finnish, and you can read the Travel Opus to India in Finnish here. Find some of them articles about India in English here.

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But here now, the short video

12 ways to travel in India, for a foreigner,

with videos and music by Indivue.


See also the India video collection, the videos of which will tell you about the real India the way I saw it, heard it, experienced it, and subscribe Indivue YouTube-channel for more updates to come! You will find plenty of videos especially from North and Central Goa and South Goa as well.




Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri, India (video preview)

This Indivue Travel Video will take you ten years back in India, to a small town named Fatehpur Sikri in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh, and to a sight called Buland Darwaza, which is the main entrance to a famous Muslim mosque there.

After watching this short video of Buland Darwaza and the surrounding sceneries, you will get to see more videos of the same topic, so enjoy your adventure!

See also plenty of other videos from India and Europe in Indivue’s YouTube channel and follow Indivue for more videos to come!

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Oheinen video vie sinut Intian Agraan ja kylään nimeltä Fatehpur Sikri, jossa sijaitsevan kuuluisan moskeijan sisäänkäyntiä kutsutaan nimeltä Buland Darwaza. 

Lue artikkeli Buland Darwazasta suomeksi täällä!

Sunset behind Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra, India (video preview)

Today let me introduce to you what the sunset looks like and sounds like behind the most famous sight in India, Taj Mahal. You know, sunsettime is really a perfect time to visit Taj Mahal.

In addition to video, see also a collection of photographs of Taj Mahal itself here!

See also what it was like to blog from India over 10 years back – in the authentic blogpost from India in 2007 and Taj Mahal back then!

Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, and near by Taj Mahal is also another famous sight, the Red Fort in Agra, which was built by the famous emperor Shah Jahan. You can see the walls of Red Fort in Agra filmed some 10 years back, in 2007, in the other video.

After watching this short video about Red Fort in Agra, more videos about it will come, so take a look!

The Great Travel Opus to India in Finnish will tell you a lot more about travelling in India.

Auringonlasku on yksi parhaimmista hetkistä käydä Taj Mahalissa.

Oheisilla lyhytvideoilla suoraan suomalaisen taiteilijattaren luonnoskirjasta voit nähdä auringonlaskun Taj Mahalin takana sekä Red Fortin julkisivua Agrassa.

Lyhytvideoiden jälkeen on luvassa lisää videoita Agrasta. Katso myös valokuvakokoelmat Taj Mahalista ylläolevasta englanninkielisestä linkistä!

Art and travel tips for Agra, India

A beautiful scene from Agra, India, was the inspirer for this digital painting.

You know Taj Mahal, the most famous sight in India, is located in Agra,
and the river running behind Taj Mahal can be seen in this painting as well.

During the time, when this painting started, there was no fast highway from Delhi to Agra, like there is nowadays, making the travelling there a lot more easier.
Taj Mahal indeed is an incredibly beautiful sight and definitely worth seeing. I myself would go there anytime again,
especially in the morning or evening hours, when the light is at its best.
If you’re planning to go to Agra yourself, check out the latest travelideas, hotels, sights and restaurants for Agra from here http://bit.ly/AgraTravel

But back to the painting from Agra – The wheather in India that day, when this painting started, was sunny and dry and the daytime temperature was above 40 degrees. Coincidently, the artist’s temperature was also almost 40 degrees back then that day, but it didn’t stop her – she wanted to see the Taj Mahal and so she did it, because she might not have gotten another chance, at least anytime soon.
High temperatures combined with slow internet and the lack of proper equipment, technique and funding were the reasons why it took whole ten years for this digital painting to be made. Yes, the internet in India at that time was very very slow, and posting a mere fifty kilobyte picture to the internet took several tens of minutes.

But times they are a-changing – check out the instaimages from Agra now from here:

Read more about Indivue digital paintings here

whereas in here you can read about Agra in Finnish.

See also Sunset behind Taj Mahal

Digital painting inspired by Agra, India

Indivue tweets in June 2014

Back in 2014 the heat in India was so high, that even the Finnish news channels mentioned it. Delhi people had made noice because of the power cuts.

No wonder if the atmosphere is heated when the temperature is +48C, since it will feel like going to a sauna when you take a mere shower.

Here’s some photos from Agra in +44C heat.

Interestingly BBC told in June that the beautiful Taj Mahal in India has suffered because of the pollution. This is why people in India were going to give it a mud treatment in order to remove the yellow colorings.

Having experienced a professional Indian mud facial, Indivue has no doubt that this mud treatment won’t work.

 15th of June was a Father’s Day in India and 21st of June was a Midsummer in Finland. Good news was that a first Bollywood movie will be shot in Finland, partially. The movie is called Shamitabh and it is starring Amitabh Bachchan. The premiere of the movie might be in February 2015.

Unfortunately Amitabh Bachchan did not come to Finland for the shooting, but the good thing is that Finland will now be a part of a Bollywood movie after so many years of blogging about Bollywood in Finnish.

And talking about Bollywood, one movie review was also made in June. It was about Shaadi Ke Side-Effects, which unseriously reminded us about the bad sides of marriage and how to beat the marriage problems happily.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects got three stars (***) from Indivue.

Tweets continue in @indivuecom!

Taj Mahal, India, and a digital compact camera in 2007

View from Taj Mahal

This is Taj Mahal in Agra, India, in 2007. Photos taken with a digital compact camera.

For a comparison, see also photographs of Taj Mahal with a phonecamera here 

and Taj Mahal with a SLR camera in here.

Taj Mahal, India, and a compact camera in the year 2007
Taj Mahal, India, with a digital compact camera in 2007

Taj Mahal, India, and a compact camera in the year 2007
Taj Mahal and people

Taj Mahal, India, and a compact camera in the year 2007
The entrance to the Taj Mahal

Yamuna river flowing behind Taj Mahal
Yamuna river flowing behind Taj Mahal

Tourists behind Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal at dusk
Taj Mahal at dusk

Sunset seen from Taj Mahal
Sunset seen from Taj Mahal

See also the video how the sunset behind Taj Mahal looks and sounds like!

Taj Mahal, India, and a phonecamera, in 2007

Here you can see Taj Mahal in Agra, India, photographed with a Nokia phone camera in 2007.

For a comparison see also Taj Mahal with iPhone-lens, Taj Mahal with digital compact camera and Taj Mahal with an SLR camera. All photographs by Indivue.

Wall decoration of Taj Mahal
Wall decoration of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India, photo with Nokia phone 2007
People wearing socks or walking bare foot to protect the surface of Taj Mahal

Wall decoration of Taj Mahal
Wall decoration of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India, photo with Nokia phone 2007
Entrance to Taj Mahal far in the horizon

Taj Mahal, India, photo with Nokia phone 2007
Walls of Taj Mahal in 2007

Taj Mahal, India, photo with Nokia phone 2007
Sun setting behind Taj Mahal

Sun setting by the Taj Mahal
Sun setting by the Taj Mahal

See also the video of Sunset behind Taj Mahal