At Chatrapati Shivaji domestic airport, Mumbai

People in Chowpatty beach Mumbai India
Hello from Mumbai’s domestic airport.
Colaba was such a nice place that I would’ve liked to stay there longer , but I had bought my ticket to Goa beforehand. This flight was supposed to be after one hour, but the departure has been delayed for one more hour because of some technical problem… Surprise, surprise. (This is the cheapest flight to Goa, Spicejet.) Anyway, I happened to find one computer with internet, so I can well spend my time here.Yesterday I had a Mumbai-sightseeing with a taxi and I visited for example Mahatma Gandhi’s home, which is now a museum, Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya
I’ll tell you one funny episode that happened in one park opposite the Kamala Nehru Park. There were so beautiful butterflies in that park, so exotic, and I tried to photograph them, but they were always too quick to fly away. Then a group of young Indian men came to me and they suggested that I’d take a picture of them. I answered them politely that I’m photographing butterflies and moved on. After some time those guys came to me again and one of them was holding a living butterfly in his hand. I was impressed. When I was to take a photo of that butterfly, they insisted that they should come in the picture as well. What a plan. 🙂

Also I visited one art exhibition in Jehangir Art gallery. Outside Jehangir was a streetgallery, and an old gentleman Gani was having his exhibition there. He had some very fine watercolourpaintings of the sea. We chatted there for a long time, until it had come dark. I could have written an article about him, had I had time.
When I walked back to the hotel, I got lost twice in the dark. By the Gate of India I met another old Indian gentleman, who happened to have had a long career as a Mumbai-guide, and so he showed me the way back to my hotel, and while walking there he told me many interesting details along the way.

But now I have to go, since Goa‘s callin’…

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