"Stepping on a cowpoo brings a good luck"

Last night it finally did happen.
I was on my way to a beach shack for a dinner, walking in the dark, when suddenly I realized the sand under my sandals felt odd..
I looked behind me, and saw a big pile of cow dung on which I had just stepped..
Locals were there to advice me what to do. That is to rub the sandal in the sand and knock it on something hard. And so shall the dung fly.
The good thing in this accident was that – when you step on a cow dung accidentally, it will bring you a good luck.. according to an old Indian belief. This is what they told me.What else happening here – Well, I live in a wonderful place, in a homey guesthouse, so close to the sea that one can listen to the waves when in the balcony, and see them as well, if one really wants to.
Food is heavenly good most often. In Helsinki / Finland you go to an Indian restaurant and pay 20 euros for mere thali. But here you can get a thali with less than a euro, and a special thali with one and a half euros. So you wont be starving. At least not, if you’re a Westerner.
Whereas mosquitos, they are hungry here. Every evening at least one of them bites me.
The other night was a full moon night. And the other day I visited a Finnish friend of mine, who spends her winters in Goa. She had a lovely appartment. It was wonderful to be in Anjuna again.

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