Finnish people gaining reputation in Goa

Last week the daily newspaper Navhind Times wrote, how a Finnish man – mentioning his whole name as they do in Goa news – was arrested in the Dabolim airport. Reason being a sexual harrassement of an airportofficial.
Also I heard that some days ago in Baga, a Finnish couple had gone swimming far to the sea, but the woman never came back. Strong undercurrents had taken her. Everybody have been warned about those undercurrents, but still you get to see some reckless people who go far to this Arabian Sea swimming.Also one of these days you were able to hear Piirpauke in one beachshack. It because of my cd. And from the radio I happened to hear The Rasmus. They had a gig in Mumbai in the beginning of December.

P.S. On some beachshacks there were flags of various countries waving through the whole touristseason. When it came till the end of the season, sun had faded the colours of the flags and the wind had torn all them flags into rags. All except one, which stood out being the only totally whole, shining in bright blue-and-white colours. Yes. That was the Finnish flag, flag of my homecountry. (See the pic.)

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