It’s snowing in Goa also!

December has passed by quickly, and I haven’t had time to blog until now, when it’s two nights for Christmas only.

I’ve finally settled down, found my own corner under the palm trees, with one room, bathroom, kitchenette and balcony. Good prize, peaceful location and all the services closeby.
Day before yesterday came the tv and the refrigerator is under repair at the moment, since it made such a loud noise and froze everything from juice to ketchup – Believe me, it’s not funny to wake up thirsty in the morning and find the waterbottles in the fridge frozen to big icecubes.
I found an excellent shop of artmaterials in Panjim, so now I only need to find joggingshoes for the morning seashorewalks, and the everyday life shall begin to flow.
Though it may be that the routine can not begin until next year, considering the Christmas and New Year soon to be. I’ve heard stories about all the Goan hotels and guesthouses being totally full during that time and the action being very festive. Even last year, when the rest of India was grieving over the victims of tsunami, were fireworks constantly cracking in Goa.

Whereas the health is concerned, I’ve been well until last weekend, though I forgot to take my antimalarialmedicines at one point and mosquitos are too common here, and though I’ve eaten outside home near everyday. Last Saturday veg.sizzler came out from up and down, when I got some sort of a foodpoisoning. Luckily the suffering didn’t last longer than 24h. Small fever with a good night sleep cured it all and little by little my appetite is coming back.

But who would have thought that you might be freezing in Goa, but then again, it is winter here also. At this time of the year ac is totally unnecessary, as well as the fan in the night time. It’s better to remember to close the windows for the night as well.
After the sun sets, you’re not warm enough without a coat and socks when you’re on the bike, if the speed is more than 20km/h. And did you know – It’s snowing in Goa also! Yes – I asked one waiter why the chairs in their beachshacks were all wet, and he explained to me with a serious face that “It’s because it’s snowing”. I had a hard time keeping my face serious, coming from the land of snow. The snow he was talking about is the dampness that condenses from the sea in the evenings during wintertime. Slightly uncomfortable moist.

Day before yesterday I visited the local artacademy Kala Academy’s students’ exhibition is Panjim. That exhibition was a part of the recent festival of Visual Arts & Theatre. Some time ago there was also the Fontainhas Art Festival in Panjim, where the artists had their exhibitions in fine old houses. I would have wanted to see that exhibition, but I didn’t have time.

Well, what else. Mood is positive, though I didn’t get the fullfillment of dreams, my own house with my own garden in Anjuna, near the sea and with own beachshack, ’cause I was half an hour late. That story is long, but to make it short: only half an hour late (and some people are liars here). At this point I’d like to remember one of my favourite sayings: Whatever happens, happens for the good.

Anyway, I like my current house a lot. This house is surrounded by palm trees, and when the wind plays their leaves, it sounds almost the same as with aspen leaves, which happens to be my favourite music back in Finland. On top of this all these exotic birds that keep on singing almost without a break. (Only these crows I mind a little sometimes.) You can’t hear the sea to the balcony during daytime, only in the nights, but it takes only four minutes to walk there. (And when I learn to drive the scooter, I shall be there in one minute! – Only today I was learning to drive it, in a small street 5km/h, but don’t tell my Ma! And no, I haven’t planned to go to the mainroads with the scooter. The Indian traffic is well known to be chaotic, and on top of it it’s leftsided. Though all the mainroads here have just had a new asphalt surface, and the bettering in comfortability during driving is remarkable.)
My “home”beachshack is also nice, peaceful, good service and good food, nothing to complain about. Location is excellent and the beach is not overcrowded. There is for example Italian and French tourists. Nice place for sunsets.
So I don’t mind being here at all.

Greetings to home-Finland, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for everybody! 

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