Full Moon Party


Around the previous full moon time I was wondering, if there’s any full moon party, since those and other raves have not been much happening, and decided to go to Anjuna to check it out.
On my way there I stopped at Mackies Saturday Night Market, which is a colourful and entertaining happening place consisting of various shopkeepers, places to eat and bands to hear. From Mackies I decided to go to another similar kind of happening, which is Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazar, and there I was given a flyer in my hand, according to which the Full Moon Party was going to be the following night in Arambol.
So, although the moon seemed full that Saturday night, I waited till Sunday evening, and a bit before the midnight left driving towards Arambol.
It was quiet along the way. The villages were sleeping, and there was hardly any traffic. The sky was starbright, the sceneries were beautiful in the full moon light, and occasionally some exotic bird made me happy by singing.
When I arrived in Arambol, I asked the way to the party, and after having driven some time I began to doubt the direction, since it was so quiet everywhere. Now you’d assume there’s traffic if there’s a party, wouldn’t you!
A local happened to pass us on the road and I asked him the direction. It became clear that I had turned the wrong way, so I returned back. And then, in the middle of nowhere, the bike became troublesome. Its lights desappeared. Luckily there was that full moon, since there were no streetlights all the time on the way. Then the lights came back to the bike, we came to a crossroad, and turned to the right direction. Quite soon we met two touristtaxis by the road, and the other one was just returning from the full moon party. They told that the police had found the party and put an end to it, but that the party was going to be shifted to the Sweet Lake. So I went there. The road leading to the Arambol beach was quiet. The workers of the seasiderestaurants told us there’s nothing happening there. “But what if everybody’s just on their way here..” I thought. But locals knew to tell that  “if the party is over, it will be over. The taxidrivers are just earning some extra money by taking people around places looking for parties”. That being the case, I had a night snack by the sea, and since nothing happened there, I left driving back home.

In the beginning the lights desappeared again, but this time they didn’t come back only.
Restarting the bike helped. But only for a moment. It seemed I was going to have a 45 minute drive without the lights in a fullmoondarkness.. So I searched out a foreheadlamp from my bag and we started orienteering with that to Calangute. Though restarting the bike did bring the lights back to it again, the third eye on the forehead had to shine all the rest of the way, just in case…

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