Holi 15.3. in Goa

Holi is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. It is the festival of colours. You better not wear your best outfit in a Holi-day, when those colourpowders fly in the streets of India, result being multi-yellow-red-green-violet-coloured on people’s face, clothes and hair.
Because this multicoloured festival is at it’s best from the morning till the midday, I missed the biggest colourhulabaloo this time. Sure, in the afternoon, while driving to the near-by village, there were many colourful Goans passing me by on the road. And while in the village, I happened to meet one small Holiparade. When I stopped in order to take photos of them, I didn’t have much to say when they attacked on me with their colourpowders. Colouring my forehead violet, cheeks blue-and-green…

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