The Drivinglesson

Don’t know what they teach you in the Indian drivingschools, or how many people go there for some another reason than just to show how well they know to drive, in order to get a drivinglicense. My unofficial and all comprehensive drivinglesson  I got in India sounded something like this:
“There are two essential factors in traffic: Understanding (of who wants to overtake you) and judgement (of your sides and your speed). There are no rules and regulations when you come on the road – you just drive normally.”
So, shortly and concisely put. The lane is left, so, there you go!

P.S. I’d like to add one essential thing, which is the cows – So it’s like, whenever they are coming on the road or when they are there already, they always have the priority to go. And if an oncoming car is flashing the lights, it is a sign that it wants to go first (for example to cross a narrow bridge), whereas horning doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody’s blocking the way, since it is also a way to greet other people. And so it does sound like there are friends around there every corner..

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