Goa, India, and a guide for traveling

Ganesh statue
Ganesh is a remover of obstacles for Hindus. Click on the image to read a digital work designed to remove obstacles on your trip to India.

India is well-known as a spiritual country, and it attracts people interested in things alike.

The saying goes that, in country like India,
anything is possible –

So, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, when you travel there.

Whereas my blogwritings seem to be just praising Goa / India,
it’s better to keep one’s feet on the ground, once the plane has landed,
since though Goa does remind one of a paradise,
the good comes with the bad. Anywhere, it seems.

But let me not reminisce about the bad more than this.

“Whatever happens, happens for good” –
When you’re being honest and sincere.

Update: Read more from Trip to India, the visual guide I made

2 responses to “Goa, India, and a guide for traveling”

  1. What is special about Goa is that there have been many unexplained tourists deaths and murders taking place for years which have never been investigated by the police in Goa. These murders have been covered up as natural/accidental deaths and rarely make it to the mainstream media. This is done so the tourism in Goa is not tarnished. Concerning the small land size and the population in Goa makes this very alarming as the following article will explain. The data was collected from 4 out of 27 police stations in Goa and only one had filed the domestic tourists. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/irish-woman-murder-245-deaths-in-12-years-what-s-killing-foreign-tourists-in-goa/story-69eQaSC2a4TkfYLYPA4nPM.html


  2. I wrote the original post in 2006 and in 2019 comes the first comment. That means this blog post is still topical.

    Although Goa has changed a lot within these 13 years, I still think it is safe for a tourist, when you live in a healthy way – Early to bed and early to rise, using common sense.

    If you travel alone, it is good to stay out of intoxicants and people dealing with the intoxicants, especially if you’re a female. And if you fear or feel harassment, contact the tourist police or the hotel where you stay.

    Do not give your money or your belongings to anyone, unless you’re doing charity.


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